1. Harrogate Spring Flower Show 2015

    Harrogate Spring Flower Show 2015

    Our 12th year of exhibiting at the renowned flower show! One of the most prestigious shows in north of England, you will find some amazing show gardens and a wide range of exhibits.

    Come and meet the team where you will see our display of basket liners, winds spinners, gazebos and water features. with an amazing 35 water features running, of all different styles. Here are some photos that show both the buildup and the finished exhibit!
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    As you can see the team work very hard at putting together a nice display at all the shows we exhibit.

    This is the 4th show for 2015, with many more to follow, our next show is at grand designs London excel, come and see us at stand G12, starting 2nd may where you will find all of our water features promotions.


  2. New for 2013

    Don't forget to view our new products that we have for 2013!

    For 2013 we have a brand new collection of Stainless Steel, Traditional and Solar Powered Water Features all at fantastic prices!

    We have a brand new range of Garden Illusion Mirrors which are perfect for if you have a small garden, as well as bringing light and depth to much needed small dark areas, they are very effective in creating an illusion of a window actually being open or making you think that you are looking through into the garden beyond.

    Also, we have added to our extensive range of Rattan garden furniture and rest assure, all our rattan garden furniture is  is made from strong durable synthetic material is all UV treated and fully waterproof to give you many years of maintenance free service. Our rattan is surprisingly soft to touch and does not absorb in the heat, staying cool in even the hottest weather.

    Furthermore we now have an extensive range of barbecues that are perfect for all different occasions and volumes of parties.

    Want to see more of what we have new for 2013.

    Well take a look here at New for 2013!

  3. Pop Up Gazebos

    Pop Up Gazebos

    The Pop Up Gazebos Parties in an Instant

    As soon as the weather starts to perk up, the barbecues are out and garden party season will be in full swing, and with pop up gazebos we’ll be able to get the party started within minutes.

    The sun returns from its long vacation and our diaries are being filled with pool parties, barbecues and outdoor picnics. We’re British, and we don’t have much hot weather. So when we do, following the sun around the garden (until we hit the fence) on a Saturday afternoon is just standard practice. Naturally, the summer months are perfect for outdoor festivities, and a pop up gazebo can create the perfect party area in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea.

    The Pop Up Gazebo Party

    Gazebos are great for all occasions. Even when the weather is miserable, gazebos can immediately generate a fun atmosphere for you and your guests. Erect a pop up gazebo, set up a food and drinks table with a colourful fruit punch, blow up a few balloons and the feel of your garden is transformed into the perfect party location. But not everyone has the space for a permanent structure. If you want your garden to keep its simple elegance throughout the year, choose a pop up gazebo that can be erected when you need it, and stored away in the garden shed when you don’t. The pop up gazebo is perfect for celebrations of every kind, from fetes, summer weddings, engagement bashes, corporate parties and garden barbecues. Simple to use and simple to store, there is nothing better for all year round use than the pop up gazebo. Obviously, pop up versions are alternatives to the permanent structures which have the ability to withstand all kinds of adverse weather. Pop-up versions are definitely convenient, but are they sturdy? If you are shopping for temporary gazebos, remember to check the weather suitability. Most pop-up gazebos come with sandbags and/or fixing pegs which will secure it to the ground. Yes, the right pop up gazebos are sturdy providing you choose an steel frame. Pop Up Gazebos from DIY stores generally are of a poor quality as they are made as cheap as possible to keep costs down but this does not give you the pop up gazebo you are looking for.

    Creating a Spectacular Event in your Garden

    If you want to have a wonderful event in the comfort of your own back garden, you can do it even with a small budget. Without the cost of hiring a party location, you can spend more time and money on providing good food and drink for your guests. A pop up gazebo gives your guests a specified area to get drinks and mingle, and outdoor lighting can create a fantastic mood. If you set up a sound system, you can even section off a dance floor area. Outdoor Living UK – Celebrating in the Great Outdoors If you want to turn your backyard into a great party area, shop online at Outdoor Living UK for all the garden accessories and features you need. Call 01733 390039 or email to find out more.

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