1. Go Green with Solar water features in your garden

    If you are living in the city, then having water features around your home is very relaxing. It is an excellent way to meditate and feel peaceful. The sound of running water is a massive signal for relaxation in most of the people. Many traditions across the world are also focused on the water element. Besides, they are also available... Read More
  2. Water Features- Your Expression of Timeless Elegant Living

    The oozing waterfall in the home is the outcome of recent innovations in interior designs. The modern water features increase the value of indoor space. Nowadays, the interior designers and artisans came up with some of the exciting ways of engineering new contemporary styles, including the highly advanced water features. Their designs are not only elegant, but they are also... Read More
  3. Types of Garden Lighting

    Types of Garden Lighting Regardless of your budget or garden style, the various types of garden lighting available mean you should be able to find just what you’re looking for. Garden lighting has grown increasingly popular as people look to make the most of their outdoor space during the summer months. Rare summer nights can come to an abrupt end... Read More
  4. Creating the perfect, tranquil outdoor space

    Creating the perfect, tranquil outdoor space
    Whether you are a sun worshiper or prefer the cooler months, you can still enjoy your garden all year round if you have designed it suit your preferences. For the sun lovers among us, creating a tranquil outdoor living space is straightforward. A shaded area might be something as simple as an umbrella. Alternatively, you might opt for something slightly... Read More
  5. Getting cold !!!!

    It is times like today you really start looking forward to the Spring, freezing weather really often restricts what you can do as opposed to when the sun is shining you feel alive and just want to be active. If you have a water feature in your garden then don't forget to protect it from the frost, either by placing... Read More
  6. Outdoorlivinguk New Range of Bubble Fountains

    Bubble Fountains We are pleased to announce the introduction of bubble fountains which are brand new for 2017! If you have a beauty salon, hairdressing salon, well being centre or a company reception, our new range of coloured fountains will look amazing. Bubble fountains work from a remote control allowing you to change the flow rate and colours to suit your desired... Read More
  7. New Show Calendar For 2017

    Well this year will be another busy year for Outdoorlivinguk, we have shows booked across the UK, A vast range of water features and a new range of Garden Planters will be on display.  Wherever you live in the UK there is sure to be a display near you.  Check out our web site to see dates and times. Whether... Read More
  8. Sandringham Flower Show - 27th July

    2016 is the 135th year for the Sandringham Flower Show, a prestigious event whose patrons are Her Majesty the Queen and HRH the Prince of Wales! Read More
  9. Chelsea Flower Show

    We are nearly there with our first Chelsea Flower Show exhibit, the team are excited and we are busy getting prepared, we look forward to seeing you soon !!!!! Read More
  10. Harrogate Xmas Fair

    We are delighted to announce we will be exhibiting at the Harrogate Xmas Fair from the 12th - 15th November. Come and see our wonderful display of water features from Outdoorlivinguk See you soon     Read More

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