Water Features

  1. Granite Sphere

    Granite Sphere

    A Great Water Feature Displayed at the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai

    This wonderful granite feature is on display at the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai. There are actually 4 of these located in the entrance to the excellent hotel. This water feature is made from solid granite, as the water flows the sphere rotates gently and quietly. Incorporated into this feature are lights, these water features are very rare and extremely expensive but they provide a finishing touch to all grand buildings.

  2. Bespoke Water Feature

    Bespoke Water Feature

    Majic Marques.

    Mr Sukhi required a new water sculpture for his Wedding Marques. We took a brief of what was required and to meet our clients timescale we designed, manufactured and supplied the water feature within 9 days. This was a 1.8m high x 1.5m Wide Glass Water Feature with a stainless steel surround and finished with 4 spot lights and also stone decoration. In addition our clients wanted a stainless steel top piece so this could be also decorated with flowers at the wedding events. Click to see the pictures of this water feature and a video showing the glass coming down from the top.


  3. Misters now Available for Water Features!

    Misters now Available for Water Features!

    Misters are now available for water features giving that extra special effect for the fountains and they are also for ponds!

    All misters are supplied with colour changing lights and a central water jet.You can power the mister using a remote control where you can change the colour changing lights to give the effect you are looking for. You can also have the mist operated by the remote control. If you want to put these onto a pond you can purchase a plastic floater.

  4. Fun in the Sun

    Fun in the Sun

    Solar Powered Water Features Fun in the Sun!

    When it comes to decorating a garden, few things can match up to water features. More and more homeowners are opting for solar powered water features due to the immense style and environmentally friendliness of solar powered water features.

    It is, of course, important to get the location of solar powered water features right because they rely upon the sun’s rays to generate power. As such, when installing a solar powered water feature in your garden or property, you need to think of which areas will experience the most hours of sunlight. The solar panels of any water feature you install should ideally be faced in the direction which has the highest likelihood of getting the most amount of sunshine. There are many different types and styles of solar powered water features ranging from fountains to stainless steel ornaments. Regardless of which sort of solar powered water feature you opt for, you can rest assured that it will be a visually striking addition that really looks the part.

    Solar Powered Water Features are Great for any Garden!

    For anyone looking to increase the visual appeal of their garden, a solar powered water feature is certainly one of the best ways to go. Using the sun’s rays to generate power, these excellent features not only look the part but will also not be a drain environmentally. Another tangible benefit of solar powered water features is just how easy they are to maintain and look after. These sorts of water features require virtually no form of maintenance and will invariably run for many years without any problems. Solar powered water features are simple to install as there is no needs for mains connection and all the energy it requires will be generated by the sun.

    Solar Powered Water Features - Style in Abundance

    It is fair to say that regardless of what sort of style and pattern that prevails in your garden, you will be able to find a solar powered water feature that fits the bill. Whether it be a bronze statue with a cascading waterfall or a stainless steel creation, there really are hundreds of fantastic solar powered water features to choose from on the It is fair to say that regardless of what sort of style and pattern that prevails in your garden, you will be able to find a solar powered water feature that fits the bill. Whether it be a bronze statue with a cascading waterfall or a stainless steel creation, there really are hundreds of fantastic solar powered water features to choose from on the market.

  5. England Out of the World Cup!

    England Out of the World Cup!

    Now England are out of the World Cup you can enjoy time in your garden.

    With us all getting frustrated at the football why not enjoy a water feature with the calming effect of water. Also what better time to enjoy the summer weather and have those long awaited parties under our pop up gazebos.

    Our pop up gazebos and water features have proved very popular so far in 2010, we have promotions on all products and they are carried in stock for immediate shipment. Contact our sales department now on tel 01733 688464.

  6. Stainless Steel Water Features

    Stainless Steel Water Features

    Stainless Steel!

    Water Features for Modern Properties. Stainless Steel Spheres, Cascades, Tubes with lighting, all made from Grade 304 high grade material. The Sphere are as seen on Big Brother in 2008.

    We have a selection of water features for both new and traditional gardens, the Stainless Steel range are ideal for New Houses where the design wants to be modern. On this web site you will see a wide range of stainless steel tubes, stainless steel cascades and also stainless steel spheres. Our range of stainless was launched in 2006 and have grown every year. Having started with 45cms Stainless Steel Spheres our range now goes up to 150cms spheres.


    Outdoorlivinguk are direct importers of Stainless Steel Water features. We import only grade 304, this is a high grade or material which is in marine applications, it is hard wearing material and perfect for water features in gadens. Other companies promote water features made from this grade but often they are not made from such a high grade of material. Water Features should last and by buying from our company you can be assured of the material being of a high grade.

  7. Bespoke Water Features and Garden Designs

    Bespoke Water Features and Garden Designs

    Water Features and Garden Designs

    The value of your property is not only defined by your house, but the design of your garden, so boost your market worth of your home with expert landscaping and beautifully bespoke water features.

    Home improvements are nebulous when it comes to getting return on your money. A successful project could really boost your property value, and a flunked DIY job could make everything worse. There is just no mathematical formula to interiors and outdoor design, but a little bit of creativity goes a long, long way. Your garden could add huge 20% to the overall price tag of your home and you can really make a difference with some professional design, including bespoke water features. Not all our projects will bring a return, but according to Money Magazine, landscape architecture and garden design has a recovery of 100% to 200%! In comparison to the recovery value of bathroom or kitchen remodeling, it’s quite impressive. Even a swimming pool only has a recovery value of 20-50%. So if you want to get full or even more return from your spending, choose landscape gardening and unique design such as bespoke water features that work well with.

    Why Chose Bespoke Water Features?

    Of course, bespoke water features are much more than just money-makers. If you are just looking to improve your lifestyle a fountain feature can add to your life in many ways. Firstly, it’s great for your general health and well-being. Some believe the calming sound of water to be relaxing and can even help to reduce stress. Other than helping you cope with the stresses of everyday life, fountains and water-based art can make your home and garden look beautiful. Choose a design that works well with the style of your garden, whether it be contemporary, minimalist, futuristic, elegant or traditional. The beauty of bespoke water features is that they really are a part of you. You can buy something that has been ready made. No doubt they will add to the value of your property if coordinated in the right way, and no doubt they will add a great touch to your next garden party. But a custom creation is something that is unique to you and no-one else will have anything quite like it. If you want to increase the market value of your home, choose bespoke water features and professional landscaping. Do it right and you could get a full return on your investment.

    Bespoke Water Features

    If you need help transforming your ideas into a beautiful custom made design, contact Outdoor Living UK today. Call 01733 688464 or email sales@outdoorlivinguk.co.uk for more information.

  8. Look After your Water Feature this Winter

    Look After your Water Feature this Winter

    What to do to look after your water feature during the Winter months.

    During the summer you have possibly purchased a water features that you are delighted with. We want to ensure your water feature lasts for as long as possible.

    We recommend to enhance the life of your water feature then this is stored away in the winter. If this cannot be done we suggest you purchase a protective cover for this by calling 01733 688464.

    We must warn you not to use the water feature when there is a sharp frost as the water might be frozen and this will damage the pump. Please ensure the plug is fully protected from the rain at all times.

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