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  1. Double Sided Greenwich Clock/Thermometer
  2. Smart Solar Newby Mechanical Wall Clock Bronze 12''
  3. Smart Solar Grenoble Clock
    Smart Solar Grenoble Clock

    RRP: £33.96

  4. Exeter Wall Clock & Thermometer
  5. Smart Solar Buckingham Clock
    Smart Solar Buckingham Clock

    RRP: £16.99

  6. Smart Solar Arundel Clock
    Smart Solar Arundel Clock

    RRP: £16.99

  7. Astbury Wall Clock & Thermometer 15''
  8. Bickerton Wall Clock & Thermometer
  9. Bird & berry Clock & Thermometer
  10. Smart Solar Vintage Clock
    Smart Solar Vintage Clock

    RRP: £16.99

  11. Smart Solar Westminster Duck Egg
  12. Double Side Marylebone Clock/Thermometer
  13. Smart Solar Oakham Stake Thermometer
  14. Stonegate Wall Clock & Thermometer 10''
  15. Newby Mechanical Clock - Bronze
  16. Smart Solar Time Flows Clock
    Smart Solar Time Flows Clock

    RRP: £12.74

  17. Smart Solar Outside In Thermometer
  18. Smart Solar Cambridge Clock
    Smart Solar Cambridge Clock

    RRP: £16.99

  19. Smart Solar Robin Clock & Thermometer
  20. Smart Solar Floral Clock 12''
    Smart Solar Floral Clock 12''

    RRP: £21.25

  21. 2 sided York Station Clock/Thermometer
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Garden Clocks

Creating a great looking garden with a nice lawned area, some decking or a large patio can be quite straightforward. Unless you're a dab hand at landscaping and gardening yourself you'll likely pay someone to do it for you.The end result can be stunning but chances are it will look a lot like many other gardens out there. The next step is to really make it your own and the addition of a garden clock is one way to do just that. It's little features like garden clocks that really add character to a garden and separate one from the next.

Outdoor Clocks

Outdoor clocks are of course manufactured using outdoor suitable materials so that they last and won't fall apart as soon as the changeable British weather takes hold of them. They're available in various sizes and styles and what's more they're one of the easiest garden accessories to fit. Simply pop a hook in your fence or a plug in the wall and hang your new outdoor clock in your seating area. Simple as that!