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  1. Set 3 Dec Stainless Steel Spheres 9cm
  2. Set 3 Dec Stainless Steel Spheres 13cm
  3. Set 3 Dec Stainless Steel Spheres 18cm
  4. Westbury Decorative 15cm Sphere on Stick
  5. Westbury Decorative 20cm Sphere on Stick
  6. Westbury Decorative 30cm Sphere on Stick
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Garden Spheres

We have been supplying decoration garden spheres for the last 5 years and we are so pleased our customers love them! We have spheres in a range of sizes from 5cm up to 30cms and either as a decoration or on a stick.

Visit our site to see the range we have, made from grade 304 stainless steel our garden spheres look stunning in modern gardens or on balconies. OutdoorlivingUK is a leading supply of stainless steel spheres and remember we buy direct and sell direct so that you get the best prices.

Metal Garden Spheres

Garden spheres are beautifully elegant garden decorations which require very little upkeep and due to being made from stainless steel, they last for years and years! We can't of course account for rain though so it's giving your garden spheres a wipe down with a cloth every so often will keep them shining and looking beautiful in your back garden, front garden or on a balcony or patio area.