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  1. Smart Solar Classic Windchime
    Smart Solar Classic Windchime

    RRP: £11.01

    As low as £8.81
  2. Smart Solar Rusty Sun Windchime
    Smart Solar Rusty Sun Windchime

    RRP: £8.49

    As low as £6.79
  3. Smart Solar Golden Black Windchime
    Smart Solar Golden Black Windchime

    RRP: £16.99

    As low as £13.59
  4. Smart Solar Swiss Cowbell Windchime
    Smart Solar Swiss Cowbell Windchime

    RRP: £16.99

    As low as £13.59
  5. Smart Solar Copper Jade Windchime
  6. Smart Solar Tree of Life Windchime
  7. Westbury Spiral Insert Wind Spinner (lg)
  8. Westbury Wave Glass Wind Spinner
  9. Westbury Lotus Wind Spinner
    Westbury Lotus Wind Spinner

    RRP: £12.95

  10. Westbury Leaf Wind Spinner
    Westbury Leaf Wind Spinner

    RRP: £12.95

  11. Westbury Matt Finish Wind Spinner
  12. Westbury Pear Drop Spinner with Crystal
  13. Westbury Heart  Spinner with Crystal
  14. Westbury Oval Wind Spinner with Crystal
  15. Westbury Butterfly Wind Spinner &Crystal
  16. Westbury Double PearDrop Spinner&Crystal
  17. Westbury Wind Spinner
    Westbury Wind Spinner

    RRP: £16.99

  18. Westbury Decorative Spheres on Sticks
  19. Westbury Decorative 15cm Sphere on Stick
  20. Westbury Decorative 20cm Sphere on Stick
  21. Westbury Decorative 30cm Sphere on Stick
  22. Stainless Steel Triangle Wind Spinner
  23. Stainless Steel Flower Wind Spinner
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Garden Wind Spinners

Here is OutdoorlivingUK's great range of wind spinners. The best way to brighten up your garden is with a focal point! The wind spinners catch the light brilliantly in the Summer. We have a wide variety of styles to suit you and your garden. They are made from highly polished stainless steel. Choose from Crystal, Jeweled, Marble and many more!

Metal Wind Spinners

We have products from Westbury and Home 2 Garden and a new range of stainless steel wind spinners. Wind spinners don't require any maintenance, the use of electricity, well anything at all really! Simply hang your wind spinner in your chosen spot in your garden and let nature do its thing. A wind spinner is a simple, affordable and effective way to add some movement to your garden and when they catch the light they really do look stunning.

Wind spinners can be hung on fences, walls, hanging baskets or you can even purchase our shepherd's hook to place your spinner in a planted area where there are no walls or fencing to hang it on.