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  1. Afk Painted Cottage Arbour Selection
    Afk Painted Cottage Arbour Selection

    RRP: £438.49

    As low as £389.00
  2. Norlog Medium Tree Seat and Planter
  3. Norlog Large Tree Seat and Planter
  4. Norlog Giant Tree Seat and Planter
  5. Norlog Crystal Tree Seat and Planter
  6. Norlog Regent Tree Seat
    Norlog Regent Tree Seat

    RRP: £606.34

  7. AFK Classic Trough - Large
    AFK Classic Trough - Large

    RRP: £29.95

    As low as £29.95
  8. AFK Classic Trough - Small
    AFK Classic Trough - Small

    RRP: £29.95

    As low as £25.95
  9. AFK Classic Painted Trough - Small
    AFK Classic Painted Trough - Small

    RRP: £45.95

    As low as £37.95
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Still as popular as ever, woode garden furniture is going nowhere and is undoubtedly here to stay. Offering stunning quality and being available in an unbelievable range of styles, wooden garden furniture is difficult to overlook when trying to give your garden a stylish new look. Whether you're opting for just a simple wooden garden table or wooden garden bench or you're looking for something far more elaborate, you'll no doubt be able to find it in our wooden garden furniture range.

Wood is beautiful in that it is natural and changes over time. The appearance of wood evolves and improves constantly as well as it being extremely durable even though it will absorb moisture and dry out time after time. The beauty of wooden garden furniture is that you can choose a finish this year and change it completely the next. Wood garden furniture can be sanded, painted, waxed or left to weather, it's entirely your choice.

And with the popularity of wood comes new manufacturing methods to improve the quality and longevity. Our suppliers source their wood from carefully selected suppliers of their own to ensure it is ethically sourced where possible and in many instances pressure treated so that it lasts even longer. Most of our wood garden furniture is made from hard wood meaning it simply required a coat of treatment every year or so to keep it looking its best.

Whether you are choosing a garden arbour, bench or a wooden dining set we have a wide range to offer you. If you want more information call us on 01733 688464.