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These planters are the perfect home for orchids and other house plants. OutdoorlivingUK is committed to giving you a strong and lightweight product for your home. Resin planters are light, yet strong and can hold a plant without falling over at the slightest gust of wind!

Resin planters are also available in numerous different sizes, styles and colours depending on the look you're trying to achieve in your garden. Whilst some are perfect for mounting on the wall, others can be seated on the ground and are a great addition to a decked or patio area. They had some detail, character and colour allowing you to plant your chosen flowers and give your garden a hint of colour. These resin planters are easy to maintain simply requiring a quick wipe down every so often to keep them clean. They'll also look great out the front of your house. Due to their Please don’t hesitate to call the office number on 01733 688464.