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  1. Blagdon Stone Trough & Tap  BL/1054379-M1.C1.D
  2. Blagdon Stone Trough & Tap  BL/1054379-S2.C1.D
  3. Blagdon Stone Trough & Tap  BL/1054379-M1.K.D
  4. Blagdon Stone Trough & Tap  BL/1054379-S2.K.D
  5. Blagdon Stone Trough & Tap  BL/1054379-M1.D
  6. Blagdon Stone Trough & Tap  BL/1054379-S2.D
  7. Blagdon Pump & Barrel  BL/1054409-S2.K.C1.D
  8. Blagdon Pump & Barrel  BL/1054409-S2.K.D
  9. Blagdon Pump & Barrel  BL/1054409-M1.K.C1.D
  10. Blagdon Pump & Barrel  BL/1054409-M1.K.D
  11. Blagdon Pump & Barrel  BL/1054409-S2.C1.D
  12. Blagdon Pump & Barrel  BL/1054409-S2.D
  13. Blagdon Pump & Barrel  BL/1054409-M1.C1.D
  14. Blagdon Pump & Barrel  BL/1054409-M1..D
  15. Thomas Frog Woodland Water Spitter
  16. Liberty Mini Water Feature-Frog&Boulder
  17. Liberty Mini Feature-Aylesbury Duck
  18. Nature Fountain Water Feature
    Nature Fountain Water Feature

    RRP: £116.49

  19. Sea Horse Fountain
    Sea Horse Fountain

    RRP: £194.49

  20. Bermuda Montrose Water Feature
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Kingfisher Water Features The highly popular range from Kingfisher really does have a design to suit everyone. Whether you long for a more traditional water feature, to fit in with a well established and planted garden or a garden fountain to install into a sleek modern minimalistic garden, the Kingfisher range really does have a suitable design for all. Kingfisher water features are self contained fountains which come in resin, stainless steel and ceramic. With various styles like granite, sandstone and even brick. Selected fountains come with low voltage lighting so that you can view your water feature day or night. Please see our ranges below which feature many fountains.

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