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  1. Head for 2000 / 3000 pump screw
  2. 250 Pump Standard Outlet Head
  3. Head for 1100 / 1500 pump screw
  4. KCAC1200200 Transformer 2.4VA
  5. YMACIP441200250 250mA Transformer 3VA
  6. Jebao JBA35B12030 250mA Transformer 3VA
  7. YMACIP44120020AB 200mA Transformer 2.4VA
  8. YMACIP441200400 400mA Transformer 4.8VA
  9. YMACIP441200420 420mA Transformer 5.04VA
  10. YOBS1200450 450mA Transformer 5.4VA
  11. YMACIP441200300 300mA Transformer 3.6VA
  12. Jier JRO300B 300mA Transformer 3.6VA
  13. YOBS1200950 950mA Transformer 11.4VA
  14. YMACIP441200670 670mA Transformer 8.04VA
  15. YMACIP441200800 800mA Transformer 9.6VA
  16. YOBS1201250 1250mA Transformer 15VA
  17. YOBS1201800 1800mA Transformer 21.6VA
  18. PK-BS-IP-1230 - Transformer 30VA
  19. YMACT120048IP64 - Transformer 4.8VA
  20. 12000450ABO - Transformer 5VA
  21. MAO-BS-1200417 - Transformer 5VA
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Water Feature Pumps and Transformers

OutdoorlivingUK have a wide range of water feature pumps and water feature transformers available. Our pumps range from 250 LPH up to 3000 LPH (Litres per hour). If your pump has stopped working then we suggest you checked the power of your existing pump to ensure you replace the pump with an equivalent LPH Rating. If in doubt call our sales office on 01733 688464.

Quite often the pumps and the lights on your water feature may be powered by a transformer, these are generally rated by the VA Power which is normally indicated on the transformer.

Our range of water features all come supplied with relevant pumps and transformers and are all covered by our 12 month guarantee. We want to ensure your water feature last for many years and it is therefore important you can purchase spare parts to ensure the water feature brings you years of enjoyment.