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  1. 800 LPH Solar Pump
    800 LPH Solar Pump

    RRP: £135.49

  2. 400 LPH Solar Pump
    400 LPH Solar Pump

    RRP: £98.49

  3. Solar Oxygenator Air Pump
    Solar Oxygenator Air Pump

    RRP: £33.49

  4. 250 LPH Solar Pump
    250 LPH Solar Pump

    RRP: £68.49

  5. 200LPH Solar Pump
    200LPH Solar Pump

    RRP: £54.49

  6. 100LPH Solar Pump
    100LPH Solar Pump

    RRP: £48.49

  7. 600 LPH Solar Pump
    600 LPH Solar Pump

    RRP: £112.49

  8. 1000 LPH Solar Pump
    1000 LPH Solar Pump

    RRP: £149.95

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For 2017 we have a range of solar water feature pumps to offer from 180lph up to 500lph.

Maybe you want to convert your existing electric water feature into a solar water feature or want to simply make your own water feature. Our solar pumps are designed using the latest technology so you get the best performance even with our weather!!

Our solar pumps have a battery back up facility which means they can be used even in the evenings, the solar panels will store the energy and you can simply turn them on in the evening time. With up to 5 hours on full charge they are a great addition to our range.

If you have any questions on our solar panels then call us on 01733 688464.