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  1. Bermuda 6000 Water Filter Pump
    Bermuda 6000 Water Filter Pump

    RRP: £116.49

  2. Wave-MZ20180AB Water Feature Pump-v.b
  3. Jebao-WP-350LV Water Feature Pump-v.c
  4. Jebao-AP-333LV Water Feature Pump-v.f
  5. Jebao-AP-333LV Water Feature Pump-v.d
  6. Jebao-WP-650LV Water Feature Pump-v.a
  7. Jebao-WP-650 Water Feature Pump-v.e
  8. Benbo-AP-333LV Water Feature Pump-v.b
  9. Jebao-WP-450LV Water Feature Pump.a
  10. Jebao-AP-399LV Water Feature Pump.c
  11. AquaFlo-PF-650LV Water Feature Pump.c
  12. Jebao-AP-333LV Water Feature Pump.g
  13. Kingfisher-WF300 Water Feature Pump.a
  14. Yuanhua-YH-560(O)LV Water Feature Pump.a
  15. Jebao-WP-450LV Water Feature Pump.d
  16. Wave-MZ20250BA Water Feature Pump.d
  17. Jebao-WP-450 Water Feature Pump.a
  18. Benbo-WP-350A Water Feature Pump.b
  19. Wave-MZ20450BA Water Feature Pump.d
  20. SeaSunStar-MZ20450BA Water Feature Pump.a
  21. Benbo-WP-650A Water Feature Pump.b
  22. SeaSunStar-MZ20600BA Water Feature Pump.c
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To get the most out of your water feature you need the most appropriate pump and it just so happens that at OutdoorlivingUK you will find one of the most extensive and competitive selections of water feature pumps available.

Our pumps for water features range from 250 LPH up to 3000 LPH (Litres per hour) to ensure than any requirement can be met. All of our pumps are made to last, and although quality is never compromised you will not find them cheaper elsewhere - if you do, we will simply match it.

If you’d like to discuss your exact water pump requirements with our sales team, or have any questions then please do call us between the hours of 10am - 4pm on 01733 688464 and we will be able to help you.


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