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  1. PK-BS-IP-1211 - Transformer 11VA
  2. KCAC1200200 Transformer 2.4VA
  3. YMACT1200072IP64 - Transformer 7.2VA
  4. JBA48V-12-700u - Transformer 8.4VA
  5. YMACIP44-1201250 Transformer 15VA
  6. YMACIP441200250 250mA Transformer 3VA
  7. YMACIP44120020AB 200mA Transformer 2.4VA
  8. YMACIP441200400 400mA Transformer 4.8VA
  9. YMACIP441200420 420mA Transformer 5.04VA
  10. YOBS1200450 450mA Transformer 5.4VA
  11. YMACIP441200300 300mA Transformer 3.6VA
  12. YOBS1200950 950mA Transformer 11.4VA
  13. YMACIP441201000 1000mA Transformer 12VA
  14. YMACIP441200800 800mA Transformer 9.6VA
  15. YOBS1201250 1250mA Transformer 15VA
  16. YMACIP441201830 1830mA Transformer 21.96VA
  17. YMACT1200150IP64 - Transformer 15VA
  18. MAO-BS-1201000 - Transformer 12VA
  19. Jebao JBA48V-12-600u - Transformer 7.2VA
  20. PK-BS-IP-1205 - Transformer 5VA
  21. PK-BS-IP-1208 - Transformer 8VA
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At OutdoorlivingUK you will find one of the best and most competitive range of water feature transformers there are available - with prices starting at just £10.99.

Very often, the lights and pumps that are on your water feature will be powered by a transformer and these are usually rated by the VA Power - indicated on the transformer.

Our range of water feature transformers come with all the relevant pumps and are all covered by our 12-month guarantee.

We always aim for customer satisfaction and want to make sure that your water feature will stand the test of time, therefore, it is of the essential to purchase spare parts to make your water feature provide you years of enjoyment.

To discuss water feature transformers with our experts, or if you have any questions on any of of products then you can contact us through the sales office on 01733 688464.