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  1. Bellagio  Water Feature
    Bellagio Water Feature

    RRP: £48.49

  2. Imelda Ceramic  Water Feature
    Imelda Ceramic Water Feature

    RRP: £64.49

  3. Latino Water Feature
    Latino Water Feature

    RRP: £48.49

  4. Ancona _Warehouse_1.1
    Ancona _Warehouse_1.1

    RRP: £48.49

  5. Tivoli Water Feature
    Tivoli Water Feature

    RRP: £48.49

  6. Messina

    RRP: £54.49

  7. Resting Buddha Water Feature
    Resting Buddha Water Feature

    RRP: £39.99

  8. Stainless Steel Indoor Water Feature
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Indoor Water Features

Representing a unique, stylish and contemporary object that can brighten up and add sophistication to any space, whether you want something special for a particular room in the home or a centre piece for an office then the range of indoor water features we have in stock are some of the most competitively priced on the market.

Whilst an indoor water feature is easy on the eye in a real creative way, it has also been proved that there are many different health benefits associated to them in their ability to relax the mind and significantly reduce tension. Indoor water features also completely range in size meaning you can easily accommodate them practically anywhere round your chosen room or office space.

Similarly to our water features intended for outdoor use, our indoor water feature range spans both contemporary and traditional to ensure they are perfect suited to your existing interior. A water feature can offer a truly unique addition to your home and are perfect for garden rooms, conservatories and open plan kitchens. The therapeutic running noise is extremely relaxing and they can of course be turned off temporarily if you require it.

Please see our entire range below and call a member of staff if you require any specific help or information.