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  1. BrookSolar Water Feature
    BrookSolar Water Feature

    RRP: £253.49

    As low as £194.71
  2. GlacierSolar Water Feature
    GlacierSolar Water Feature

    RRP: £364.49

    As low as £280.51
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Solar Water Features

A great way to add character to your garden and without the ongoing costs of electricity. Solar powered water features offer many advantages, most notably their efficiency in terms of energy and their high quality striking designs. There are a range of styles available, all made from rattan, resin or stainless steel so remaining strong and durable during bad weather, the majority of the solar powered water features also come with LED lights so they become an attraction throughout the evening.

A solar water features provide both a stunning focal point to any garden area and, at the same time, add something quite unique . If you want to sit back in your garden and relax then a water feature holds many benefits. A solar powered water feature has the added advantage of being friendly to the environment, therefore represent the most cost effective in the entire range.

Whilst the initial cost of the solar option might be higher than a similar, standard item, the long term savings will significantly outweigh that initial extra amount. It's also great to be able to enjoy a beautiful feature whilst at the same time looking after the environment.

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