Naples Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven With Cover And Peel Kit, The Alfresco Chef

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Naples Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven With Cover and Peel Set, The Alfresco Chef


Naples wood fired oven

The Naples wood fired oven has been designed to be compact and make best use of space.  With a small footprint, it’s the ideal outdoor oven for households with limited space.

This multi-purpose oven is built with 5cm ceramic fibre insulation and 3cm thick fire brick floor tiles.  That means it can quickly reach a temperature of 400°C within 15 minutes, maintaining its heat consistently so you get great results from your wood fired cooking.

With clever positioning of the oven door and your kiln dried hardwood fuel, you can use the oven to perform a variety of different cooking methods.

Going undercover!

Protecting against the elements. The cover keeps the oven safe and secure.

  • PVC full length, fitted, waterproof cover.
  • Available for all Alfresco Chef Ovens

Dynamic Duo!

The 90cm stainless steel peel & ember brush work together to meet all your wood-fired cooking and maintenance needs!

  • 90cm 2pc peel set keeps you at arm’s length from the heat.

Two-piece peel set includes…

  • Peel – Use the peel to safely transport food in and out of the oven.
  • Brush – Use the robust brush to clean the base from dust and ash.



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