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Veito are a world leading manufacturer of carbon infrared heaters. Veito heaters are new modern and stylish, economical to run, and are made using the latest carbon fibre technology. Veito Infrared Heaters have the perfect solution for your indoor and outdoor heating requirements.

Veito Heaters are not just any old Infrared Heaters, Veito Heaters are made using the latest carbon fibre technology, they are robust, hard wearing and have long lasting heating elements. Veito Heaters are Quiet, Reliable, and are made with High Quality Electronics that have a superior performance.

Their heaters are stylish with a modern look, they do not occupy unnecessary place due to their suitable ergonomic design. They have a built in safety cut off if they are knocked over they will switch off and not go back on till placed back in the upright position. They come with a periscopic remote control so that the temperature can be controlled from a long distance and wide course, they also have a convenient built in Timer Control.