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  1. AFK Tall Classic Planter - Heritage Sage
  2. AFK Cottage Arbour - Charcoal & Cream
  3. AFK Classic Trough 34" - Chestnut Stain
  4. AFK Classic Trough 26 Inches - Cream
  5. AFK Classic Trough 26 Inches - Charcoal
  6. AFK Classic Trough 26 Inches - Beech Stain
  7. AFK Classic Planter 460 - Chestnut Stain
  8. AFK Classic Planter 460 - Beech Stain
  9. AFK Classic Planter 380T - Cream
  10. AFK Classic Planter 15"  - Chestnut Stain
  11. AFK Classic Planter 15"  - Beech Stain
  12. AFK Classic Planter 12"  - Chestnut Stain
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AFK produce a wide range of high quality wooden garden furniture which will enhance any garden. All their products are manufactured in the UK using high quality materials to ensure the best possible result.

Outdoor Living UK has a bigger selection for 2016 and will have the furniture for your garden, with this new range of products we are determined to make you feel more at home.

AFK Garden Products have entered into an agreement with Environmental Partnerships to help the environment. They have committed to planting 500 trees each year to offset their carbon emissions.

For many years AFK have recycled all of their waste products including wood, plastic and metal which is converted into a range of diverse products such as animal bedding and wood pellets for heating boilers.


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