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  1. Capi Ivory Planter Egg II D34H34 Planter
  2. Capi Grey Tutch Vase Rim 48x44 Planter
  3. Capi Egg planter II 35x34 black.2019
  4. Capi Egg planter III 43x41 black.2019
  5. Capi Planter ball tube NL 54x52 black.2019
  6. Capi Planter rect. II 35x35x78 white.2019
  7. Capi Planter rect. III 45x45x100 black.2019
  8. Capi Planter square II 30x30x30 black.2019
  9. Capi Vase ball rib NL 62x48 grey.2019
  10. Capi Vase rim 48x44 black.2019
  11. Capi Vase taper round 42x38 black.2019
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Cadix is a leading manufacturer of contemporary pots and planters for the garden and home. Their signature ranges are popular with landscapers, gardeners, architects and interior designers in the UK.

Cadix's innovative planters are lightweight, durable and available in a range of colours, styles, finishes and sizes to suit your environment. Cadix's latest innovation, the Tutch ultra lightweight planters are made in Holland, come with a 10 year guarantee and are 100% recyclable.

At OutdoorlivingUK we want to provide you with the best planters for your garden, which is why we have chosen to stock a comprehensive range of Cadix planters.

If you have any problems or queries please don’t hesitate to call the office number on 01733 688464