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  1. Set of 3 Rattan Planters
    Set of 3 Rattan Planters

    RRP: £58.49

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Westbury Garden Planters

These stylish garden planters are an ideal addition to any outdoor living space. Finished in neutral colours, they will blend into your existing garden theme and allow you to add your own personal touch in the form of colourful plants and flowers. Available in various shapes and sizes, we're hopefuly we'll have the perfect planter to suit your exact requirements.

What's more, you can also buy our garden planters as a set and make a significant saving on the individual price. We have seen our planters used on balconies, patios, decking and in both residential and commercial environments.

Westbury Garden Planters are UV protected to prevents fading and discolouring. They are made from clay with fibre and magnesia to give the optimal strength whilst maintaining lightness. They are also frost resistant with an insulating layer to protect the contents from frost and also to keep plants and flowers cool in the summer.


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