3 tier Chelsea Planter Flowers Display Thick Plastic Pattern Engraved Wide Base

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Let elegance lead the way in your home flower display, thanks to this Chelsea planter from OutdoorlivingUK. A three-tier design, it features one large, one medium and one small bowl stacked on top of each other for an organised display, with a large base to provide balance and stability when full. Thick and rugged UV-stabilised plastic forms the structure, with delicate patterning all over for beauty. Smooth in texture, the surface can be cleaned easily for fuss-free maintenance. A real showstopper for the home and garden.


  • Thick plastic body for repeated use, with UV stabalising to prevent fading and cracking
  • Formed of three tiers: one large, one medium and one small bowl, all perfectly stacked on each other
  • Allows you to organise plants and flowers easily and beautifully
  • Engraving on the bowl rims, with thick vertical stripes on the bowls for elegance and style
  • Wide base keeps the planter stable and balanced
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble, for ease and compact storage


  • Item Name: Three-Tier Chelsea Planter
  • Brand Name: OutdoorlivingUK
  • Color: Vintage green
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Overall Dimension: Ф43 x 98.5H cm
  • Upper Layer Dimension: Ф31 x 17H cm
  • Middle Layer Dimension: Ф37 x 20H cm
  • Lower Layer Dimension: Ф43 x 23H cm
  • Net Weight: 2.4kg
  • Flat Pack: Yes
  • Custom Label: 844-279



  • Height:See Item Description cm
  • Width: See Item Description cm
  • Depth: See Item Description cm
  • Brands: MH Star
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  • ELEGANT DESIGN: With engraving on the rim of the bowls and thick vertical stripes, giving plants and flowers a beautiful place to stand indoors and outdoors.
  • THREE-TIERS: Features one small bowl, one medium bowl and one large bowl, all perfectly stacked in line with each other – giving you plenty of room to store and organise your greenery.
  • THICK PLASTIC BODY: UV stabilised for protection against cracking and fading, a tough and durable structure for long term use.
  • WIDE BASE: Provides balance to the planter, keeping it upright and stable all day long.
  • DIMENSIONS: 98.5H x Ф43cm. Bottom tier: 23H x Ф43cm. Middle tier: 20H x Ф37cm. Top tier: 17H x Ф31cm. EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Simply place the layers together to secure into place. Easy to disassemble for compact storage.