Porcelain Paving 800 x 400mm Rosewood

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Porcelain Paving 800 x 400mm Rosewood

Our porcelain patio slabs are perfect for transforming your outdoor living space. Their low porosity level makes them resistant to all types of stains, fading, and water damage.

Upgrade your patio with our range of high-performance porcelain paving. Our vitrified porcelain paving absorbs as little moisture as possible, providing impressive stain resistance that’s ideal for busy patios. This also means less moss or algae is likely to gather, increasing its slip resistance, while in the process reducing the effort required to keep your patio looking good long-term.

This item comes with free kerbside delivery (regional charges may apply) 

Size vs Pack 600 x 600 800 x 400
20 Pack 7.2m2 6.4m2
22 Pack 7.92m2 7.04m2
24 Pack 8.64m2 7.68m2
26 Pack 9.36m2 8.32m2
28 Pack 10.08m2 8.96m2
30 Pack 10.8m2 9.6m2
32 Pack 11.52m2 10.24m2
34 Pack 12.24m2 10.88m2
36 Pack 12.96m2 11.52m2
38 Pack 13.68m2 12.16m2
40 Pack 14.4m2 12.8m2
42 Pack 15.12m2 13.44m2
44 Pack 15.84m2 14.08m2
46 Pack 16.56m2 14.72m2
48 Pack 17.28m2 15.36m2
50 Pack 18m2 16m2
52 Pack 18.72m2 16.64m2
54 Pack 19.44m2 17.28m2
56 Pack 20.16m2 17.92m2
58 Pack 20.88m2 18.56m2
60 Pack 21.6m2 19.2m2




  • Height:20 cm
  • Width: 40 cm
  • Depth: 80 cm
  • Brands: Kelkay
  • Other: