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  1. Norlog Flatback Wishing Well - No Pump
  2. Norlog 260 Gallon Koi Pond with Sump
  3. Norlog 600 Gallon Koi Pond with Sump
  4. Norlog Rectangular Pond 60G - No Pump
  5. Norlog Rectangular Pond 60G - With Pump
  6. Norlog Square Pond 60 gallon - No Pump
  7. Norlog Square Pond 60 gallon - With Pump
  8. Norlog Square Pond 120 Gallon - No Pump
  9. Norlog Square Pond 120 Gallon-With Pump
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Wooden Fish Ponds

Here at Outdoor Living UK we offer a wide range of wooden fish ponds in various sizes and styles. If you're looking to purchase a wooden fish pond for your garden, you'll want to be sure it will fit the space you have availabe and not overpower your garden or protrude into a walkway or seating area. Our wooden Koi ponds are extremely popular and the ideal way to create the perfect habitat for your prized Koi. Our wooden Koi ponds are available with or without pumps depending on your requirements. Koi ponds do require a pump however you may have purchased one previously and prefer to purchase one of our wooden fish ponds supplied without a pump.

When looking for wooden fish ponds for sale, it's important to consider the different models and sizes on offer. Our fish ponds are easy to assemble and can be supplied as half or full ponds and even in a wishing well style with canopy over the top. We work closely with Norlog who are a leading supplier in the UK for anyone looking to purchase a wooden pond.

Ranging from 50 gallons up to 300 gallons in capacity, they are very easy to assemble, strong and manufactured to last. The fast assembly makes it possible to be enjoying your new pond just an hour or two following delivery. What's more, we can supply Norlog fishponds on a next day delivery basis making it possible to achieve the garden you want in a matter of days! With treated wood, you can be sure your stunning new pond will also last for years to come.