Norlog Flatback Wishing Well - No Pump


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Norlog Flatback Wishing Well Water Feature - No Pump

This is a wooden above ground planter with a wishing well parapet. It comes with a soil retention membrane 
Made from pressure treated timber to ensure a long product life. This can be painted to fit in with existing garden decor 
This fountain has a flat back so it can be placed flush against a wall or fence 

Total Height = 201cm

Planter Height = 41cm

Base Width = 122cm

Base Diameter = 122cm 

This planter is very simple to install. Only 6 screws are required in the whole process. The installation time is less than 20 minutes 
There is no digging required when assembling this planter. This makes it easy to relocate



  • Height:201 cm
  • Width: 122 cm
  • Depth: n/a
  • Brands: Norlog
  • Other: Norlog timber carries a 20 year guarantee against rot.