"Sky Dome" Aluminium Frame, PVC Cover Dining Pod Med

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"Sky Dome" Aluminium Frame, PVC Cover Dining Pod Med

Outdoor Dining Pod

Unbreakable Framed Polycarbonate Dining Igloo

Make the most of your outdoor space with our brand new range of garden dining pods. The aluminium framed dome is a multi purpose portable igloo shaped structure that can transform your outside area and can be used as a stylish space to sit or dine.

The Domes are not only a fabulous addition to private gardens but are also used by pubs, hotels, restaurants and other commercial ventures to monetise vacant outdoor areas. Perfect as an outside entertainment area, these dining pods area quirky alternative to a costly built structure

When assembled the dining pod offers a 360° window on the world. Built to stand all weather the igloo is wind resistant, water resistant and snow proof.

The Structure is manufactured from Areospace grade Alumiunium and will not rust, corrode or deteriorate in an outdoor enviroment.

  • Less than 1 hour installation time

  • Designed for all seasons

  • Suitable for all weather

  • Easy to assemble

  • Ideal for event hire

  • Providing extra seating space for pubs, restaurants & bars

    • Lightweight aluminium frame

    • Cover made of transparent 0.8mm PVC film

    • Protective sealed top for heavy snow and rain

    • 2.5m door with zip closure

    • 2 clothing racks

    • 8 x screws + holes for connecting any external devices or decorations (flowers, Christmas decorations, etc)

    • Electric system ready with plug and play compatibility

    • Lighting system 3 PHILIPS Vintage 4W included

    • Aluminium brackets for securing to the floor

    • Suitable for heater installation

    • Optional: Weight for fixing the igloo where bolting to the floor is not possible

Medium – 3.03m Diameter

Garden Dome Dining Pod 360 Views – PVC Weatherproof Cover

SPECIAL FEATURE – Electrics and Lights Included






  • Height:230 cm
  • Width: n/a
  • Depth: 303 cm
  • Brands: Sky Dome
  • Other: