Solar Boy & Girl at Pump Water Feature

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Solar Boy and Girl at Pump Water Feature by Kingfisher

You can’t beat having water in the garden, This stunning water feature by Kingfisher can add class and style to your garden. This self-contained water feature requires no mains water feed or difficult wiring. Place the water feature in your garden, Add water and plug it in. - It really is that simple

Solar Kit Upgrade 

This in house designed solar kit allows you that full freedom of position. With integrated lithium ion cells, this solar system will work day or night. Our solar systems allow you to place the water feature where you want in your garden, and place the solar cell in a sunny spot (within 5m of the feature) Just switch it ON and OFF at your convenience. Our solar cells charge all year round, they don’t require "SUNNY DAYS" they just need white light. - An average fully charged system will power your feature & Lights for around 5 hours. Plus whatever it gains during the daylight exposure at the time. Dont forget the Lights - Unlike any of our competitors, Solar Features by OutdoorLivingUK come supplied with fully operational lights (if included in the feature) We do not need any "aftermarket" adapters, nor horrible wires hanging out of the feature with 1 small LED! our systems power the feature fully, displaying the feature the way it was intended. . 

  • 5m low voltage garden grade Solar cable - This connects the Pump to the Solar Panel
  • LED Converter Cable, This to to connect your LED's in the Feature so the Solar powers them (5m Long)
  • Solar Pump Kit, Including Solar Panel

Optional Care Kit - Add on 

With 18 years’ experience in water features, we know how to make them look their best for the longest time! This specifically designed care kit allows you to safely run your feature all year round without the fear or - Frost - Algae - Dirt or grime. With specially designed environmentally friendly chemicals this is the perfect addition to any feature. 

This Kit Includes

  • Frost Free - For use in Winter Seasons – Stops the water freezing.
  • Sparkle Solution - Heavy Duty cleaner use bi-annually (2 year tub)
  • Sterilising Tablets - For use all year round - Keep the water clean and fresh (safe for birds and cats) 
  • Cleaning Cloth - For use if needed to clean the dirt and grime that falls onto your feature. 
  • £30 when sold separately - £20 with this feature.

Water Feature Cover 

This gives you that added protection during the winter season. The added benefits of the cover protect your feature when you’re not using it. No one likes cleaning out a dirty feature in the spring time. With the Water Feature Cover, this stops rain / snow / leaves / grass / bird mess falling into the feature throughout the times you are not using your feature. Giving you that ease of use next time you want to start it up. 

Have a look at our Solar Lighting or Mains Lighting options as a great way to enjoy your feature both day and night. – Just scroll down to our Featured Products Below – Don’t forget the Free delivery when you buy together!



  • Height:68 cm
  • Width: 42 cm
  • Depth: 38 cm
  • Brands: Kingfisher
  • Other: