TAP Sparkle Feature Cleaner, Small

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Tranquility Water Feature Sparkle Cleaner

At Tranquility we know how important it is to look after your water feature. We supply a great range of accessories and maintance additives to keep your feature looking amazing all year round. All our products are safe to use in any of our water features. Most are safe for the birds and bees (including cats) but please read relevant instructions before installing. 

Water Feature Sparkle

Pond water features come in all different sizes and designs ‚¬€œ some of the more elaborate designs can become very tricky to clean. By simply adding Sparkle to any water feature, any old, dirty water will turn crystal clear in a matter of minutes.

For best results, add 1 capful of Sparkle powder per 20 litres into any aquatic water feature. After adding the correct amount into your running water feature, Sparkle will quickly dilute into the water.

Allow the pond water feature to run continuously. If water conditions have not improved after 24 of the first dose, another may be added.

For use at end of season when cleaning feature out to put away. 

This Prodict is part of our "Care Kit Product Range (TR/ACCREKIT) " savings can be made when purchased together. 

*Please Note: DO NOT use in ponds that contain fish. This product should NOT to be used in any pond water containing live plants or livestock.



  • Height:10 cm
  • Width: 5 cm
  • Depth: 5 cm
  • Brands: Tranquility Accessories
  • Other: Concentrated cleaner for end of season use