1. Outdoor Living UK at Grand Design Live Show 2014

    Outdoor Living UK at Grand Design Live Show 2014

    Grand Design Live Show 2014

    Here at Outdoor Living UK are proud to be exhibiting at the Grand Design Live at the London Excel .

    On display we will be running over 80 water features, we will have a wide range from stainless steel to traditional, in mains powered and solar!

    Our trained technical staff will be present every day to advise the right water feature for you, the cost and how to install your water feature.

    Our stand number is G1224, the show starts on 3rd May til 12th May, from 10 AM - 6 PM each day.

    We also have 8 tickets to give away on a first come, first serve basis.

  2. Solar Powered Water Features

    Solar Powered Water Features

    Solar Powered Water Features

    The Ideal Home is coming to an end this weekend and we have seen a growing interest from our customer who wanted our solar powered water feature.

    Our sales team have noticed when talking to customers; the amount of people that want a water feature but do not have access to an outdoor plug to power it, this makes customers concerned about the cost of having to have an outdoor power socket installed, they also worry about any health and safety issues that can be caused by having an outdoor power socket.

    Outdoor Living UK saw the growing demand for solar. We have therefore spent time researching and developing a range of solar products.

    As the UK's largest importer of solar water features, we feel that we have a water feature for everyone.

    Our solar water feature have censored lights that come on at night. The panels have a battery back up system that stores energy when you are not using your water feature, they also come with a mains facility so that you can charge your solar panel inside using a mains adapter.

    To see our range of Solar Powered Water Features - Click Here -

    If you haven't had a chance to see us at the Ideal Home Show - We will be at the Grand Design Show from the 3rd - 11th of May at stand G120.

    We hope to see you there, for more information about the Grand Design Show - Click Here -

  3. Ideal Home Show 2014


    The Ideal Home Show is now open for 2014!

    We are so excited to show our new products for 2014.

    We want to say a massive congratulations to our 5 winners who have won tickets to come to the Ideal Home Show, we are looking forward to seeing them at the show.

    We are at stand ID40 so come on down and say hello!

    Here is a few pictures of how the stand is looking:

    [caption id="attachment_426" align="alignnone" width="300"]Our Stand at the Ideal Home Show: Stand Number ID40 Our Stand at the Ideal Home Show: Stand Number ID40[/caption] [caption id="attachment_427" align="alignnone" width="300"]Our Stand at the Ideal Home Show: Stand Number ID40 Our Stand at the Ideal Home Show: Stand Number ID40[/caption]



    Check out our new Solar Oxygenator Air Pump, only £20 plus £4.95 shipping!! Come grab a bargain!![gallery ids="359,360,358"]

  5. Solar Panels keep getting better !!!

    Solar Panels keep getting better !!!

    Outdoorlivinuk have seen a surge in demand for the range of solar powered water features, the ability for customers to place a water feature anywhere in the garden without the need for wiring for the electricity is really encouraging customers to opt for solar power and of course the power is FREE !!!!

    Outdoorlivinguk have been supplying water features in solar power for 8 years but as the demand has increased so has the investment in developing new products, in 2013 Outdoorlivinguk developed a new range of battery back up solar devices with memory functions, so what does this mean…..Well, why we are all busy with our lives and work etc….the solar energy will be stored in the battery back up so you can enjoy your water features when you want to use it and not just when the sun is out. Further more Outdoorlivinguk have incorporated a lighting function so the solar will not only charge the pump but will also charge the power for the lights to work and the lights are even sensored to come on at night. Finally a memory function as well so if you want your water feature to come on at 1500hrs each day then simply press the on button at 1500 and it will come on the same time each day and will automatically stop so the pump does not burn out.

    Latest developments

    Being launched in August 2013 will be a new solar panel with even more increased performance and this will have not only a battery back up but also the lights facility and also a mains facility. With the mains option you can take the solar panel inside and charge the unit up and then take this outside to enjoy your water feature so even if the sun is not shining.

    Outdoorlivinguk take solar very serious and are the most established company supplying solar water features. Not only environmentally friendly but making full use of the sun to supply free power, that has got to be a good thing.

  6. New for 2013

    Don't forget to view our new products that we have for 2013!

    For 2013 we have a brand new collection of Stainless Steel, Traditional and Solar Powered Water Features all at fantastic prices!

    We have a brand new range of Garden Illusion Mirrors which are perfect for if you have a small garden, as well as bringing light and depth to much needed small dark areas, they are very effective in creating an illusion of a window actually being open or making you think that you are looking through into the garden beyond.

    Also, we have added to our extensive range of Rattan garden furniture and rest assure, all our rattan garden furniture is  is made from strong durable synthetic material is all UV treated and fully waterproof to give you many years of maintenance free service. Our rattan is surprisingly soft to touch and does not absorb in the heat, staying cool in even the hottest weather.

    Furthermore we now have an extensive range of barbecues that are perfect for all different occasions and volumes of parties.

    Want to see more of what we have new for 2013.

    Well take a look here at New for 2013!

  7. Let us Help You Pick a New Water Feature!

    Let us Help You Pick a New Water Feature!

    It's official – we love water features. Visually stunning all year around. They are calming and beautiful in the summer, muted and majestic in the winter. If you've always wanted a water feature in your garden but aren't sure where to start with shopping for one, check out our introductory guide to some of our popular and timeless styles.

    Oak barrel water features are perfect for the traditionally minded. Crafted from oak whiskey barrels, they are the epitome of ye olde style. In a variety of sizes and classic styles, they capture a sense of old worldly whimsy that visitors cannot help but comment on.

    Concerned with issues of an eco-friendly nature? Our solar powered water features are a great choice to make the most of days when there is plenty of sunshine. From contemporary stainless steel spheres to terracotta cascades, you can enjoy a peaceful feature in the garden without worrying about an inflated electricity bill. All of these water features do come with mains adapters however, because we all know too well how unpredictable the British weather can be!

    Constructing a modern garden with artistic flair and cutting edge lines? Natural stone water features will look stunning nestled in your dream landscape. Available in a range of stunning natural rainbow-effect colours, they are so much more than a water feature. They are also art, shaping your garden into an eye catching oasis.

    Stainless steel water features are another option if you want your garden to have a contemporary feel to it.Our sphere, tube and cascade-style water features come complete with lighting, which when illuminated gives the feature the look of a modern art installation. Turn them on at night for an instant wow-factor as the shining surface of your water feature reflects light beautifully around your garden.

    Not got a garden? You don't need to miss out on water features. Table Top Water Features are for you! Compact and easy to set up (just plug in and go!) You can enjoy the gentle calm of running water inside your own home or office. Many of our indoor water features come with LED lighting for that extra bit of pizazz.

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  8. Fun in the Sun

    Fun in the Sun

    Solar Powered Water Features Fun in the Sun!

    When it comes to decorating a garden, few things can match up to water features. More and more homeowners are opting for solar powered water features due to the immense style and environmentally friendliness of solar powered water features.

    It is, of course, important to get the location of solar powered water features right because they rely upon the sun’s rays to generate power. As such, when installing a solar powered water feature in your garden or property, you need to think of which areas will experience the most hours of sunlight. The solar panels of any water feature you install should ideally be faced in the direction which has the highest likelihood of getting the most amount of sunshine. There are many different types and styles of solar powered water features ranging from fountains to stainless steel ornaments. Regardless of which sort of solar powered water feature you opt for, you can rest assured that it will be a visually striking addition that really looks the part.

    Solar Powered Water Features are Great for any Garden!

    For anyone looking to increase the visual appeal of their garden, a solar powered water feature is certainly one of the best ways to go. Using the sun’s rays to generate power, these excellent features not only look the part but will also not be a drain environmentally. Another tangible benefit of solar powered water features is just how easy they are to maintain and look after. These sorts of water features require virtually no form of maintenance and will invariably run for many years without any problems. Solar powered water features are simple to install as there is no needs for mains connection and all the energy it requires will be generated by the sun.

    Solar Powered Water Features - Style in Abundance

    It is fair to say that regardless of what sort of style and pattern that prevails in your garden, you will be able to find a solar powered water feature that fits the bill. Whether it be a bronze statue with a cascading waterfall or a stainless steel creation, there really are hundreds of fantastic solar powered water features to choose from on the It is fair to say that regardless of what sort of style and pattern that prevails in your garden, you will be able to find a solar powered water feature that fits the bill. Whether it be a bronze statue with a cascading waterfall or a stainless steel creation, there really are hundreds of fantastic solar powered water features to choose from on the market.

  9. Solar Fountains!

    Solar Fountains - Taking a look at the Advantages of Solar Fountains

    Solar fountains are becoming more and more commonplace in the gardens of homeowners throughout the UK and it is little surprise when you look at the numerous benefits of owning solar fountains.

    The summer months are welcomed in the UK and many homeowners will aim to capitalize upon the sun’s rays by installing solar fountains in their gardens. Solar fountains are fast replacing electric water features as the most popular form of garden decoration and there are numerous reasons why solar powered water features and fountains are winning a place in the hearts of homeowners across the country. There are so many compelling reasons to consider installing solar fountains in one’s home and it is little wonder that these eye-catching water features are making their way into gardens both large and small. Solar fountains will create a serene atmosphere for any garden and when you consider the advantages that having solar powered water features can provide, it’ll become clear why solar powered fountains are so popular.

    Solar Fountains Explained

    First and foremost, the key benefit of solar fountains is the fact that it doesn't waste electricity and runs via the sun’s rays alone. This is a massive benefit as it means that having a great looking water feature in your garden won’t add to your electricity bills and you can enjoy the fact that you have a spectacular solar fountain to bring your garden to life. Solar fountains come in all shapes and sizes and you can literally place them in any part of your garden that you see fit – though it obviously makes sense to place solar powered water features in the area of the garden which attracts the most sunlight during the course of the day. 

    Solar Fountains - Finding the Right Design

    Solar fountains are obviously available in a number of different sizes and design styles and finding the right one for you will be dependent on a number of factors – such as the size of your garden, other features in the garden and the sorts of styles that you prefer. The best way of establishing which type of solar fountains or water features are right for you is to speak to professionals who will be able to give pertinent advice about matching your garden with the right water feature.

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