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  1. Norlog Buildround 18x36 Rect. Planter
  2. Norlog Buildround 18x27 Rect. Planter
  3. Norlog Flatback Planter
    Norlog Flatback Planter

    RRP: £105.49

  4. Norlog Flatback Window Seat Planter
  5. Norlog Windsor Tree Seat
    Norlog Windsor Tree Seat

    RRP: £547.49

  6. Norlog Regent Tree Seat
    Norlog Regent Tree Seat

    RRP: £424.49

  7. Norlog Crystal Tree Seat and Planter
  8. Norlog Giant Tree Seat and Planter
  9. Norlog Large Tree Seat and Planter
  10. Norlog Medium Tree Seat and Planter
  11. Norlog Medium Herb Wheel
    Norlog Medium Herb Wheel

    RRP: £107.49

  12. Norlog Small Herb Wheel
    Norlog Small Herb Wheel

    RRP: £70.49

  13. Norlog Flatback Wishing Well Planter
  14. Norlog Wishing Well Planter
    Norlog Wishing Well Planter

    RRP: £325.49

  15. Norlog Square Pond 120 Gallon-With Pump
  16. Norlog Square Pond 120 Gallon - No Pump
  17. Norlog Square Pond 60 gallon - With Pump
  18. Norlog Square Pond 60 gallon - No Pump
  19. Norlog Rectangular Pond 60G - With Pump
  20. Norlog Rectangular Pond 60G - No Pump
  21. Norlog 600 Gallon Koi Pond with Sump
  22. Norlog 260 Gallon Koi Pond with Sump
  23. Norlog Flatback Wishing Well - No Pump
  24. Norlog Flatback Wishing Well - With Pump
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Norlog are leading manufacturers and suppliers of high quality wooden garden furniture, planters, and ponds. All of their products are made from sustainably resourced Swedish timber. Their products take minutes to assemble and are very easy to disassemble to relocate. All of the products above ground, so no need for digging and plumbing!



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