Norlog Square Pond 60 gallon - No Pump

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Norlog Square Pond 60 gallon - No Pump

Norlog Square Pond 60 gallon - No Pump

This decorate wooden above ground pond is perfect for both young families and older garden lovers, with above ground both safer for children than an in-ground pond and easier to maintain and enjoy.

The wooden slats are made from a pressure treated timber which ensures a long product life and are easily slotted together during assembly. The finished pond can also be painted to fit in with its surroundings.

This product comes with a liner, pump and fountain heads*

*pump/fountain heads dependant on size & options selected.

The liner for the pond is PVC shaped to match the wooden surround. These liners are not self-supporting, but do have ‘handles’ that hook discretely around the timber towards the top of the structure.




  • Height:50cm cm
  • Width:92cm cm
  • Depth:92cm cm
  • Brands: Norlog
  • Other: Norlog timber carries a 20 year guarantee against rot.

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