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  1. Choosing Garden Water Features

    Choosing Garden Water Features

    If you have already researched the reasons to incorporate a water feature into your garden, the next thing to look into is the options available. Today water features are available in a variety of sizes, designs and they can be made from an assortment of materials. This can make choosing garden water features difficult but with the right guidance, you can quickly and easily find the right feature for you.

    Water gardens are living water features, filled with and surrounded by plants to create a lush natural setting.
    Reflecting pools are usually a focal point located near a landscape feature that is reflected in the glassy surface of the water.
    Ornamental pools normally incorporate a decorative piece such as a cascading fountain or waterfall creating movement.

    Come in a variety of shapes and sizes; these can be more traditional carved stone, granite, reflective metals or use natural unfinished slate. They create sound of water tumbling and splashing on itself combined and a cool refreshing mist.

    Like fountains, waterfalls add sound and motion to the garden. Often created with natural stone slabs or boulders, but can be created using more angular smooth materials as part of a more minimalist style. They can be used as a focal point to bring a vertical dimension or link different levels within a garden.

    Streams are ideal for linking features together and creating a flow through a garden, they are ideally suited to a larger space.

    The location of features running on mains electricity is only limited by the length of the cable. By running the cable to an outdoor plug or a socket you can switch on your water feature whenever you desire or leave it running all the time. For a more eco friendly option you could choose solar which also allows the feature to be completely self contained. These water features do need a good level of sunlight, which may limit where you can place them in the garden.

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