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  1. Why You Should Add Water Features To Your Garden?

    Why You Should Add Water Features To Your Garden?

    Reviving the nature


    Research has demonstrated that taking a glance at the water for quite a while can reestablish circulatory blood strain flow and helps you to keep your pulse at a normal level. Having a water feature in the garden area can help in fast medical recovery in which it helps you to reduce the torment experienced by patients in their surgeries.


    There are numerous advantages of adding water highlights to your garden landscape. It gives you a strong vibe in the presence of nature near your place. You can reproduce a stream, small bath births for birds, backyard pond for soothing nature. Since outdoor water feature draws special attention to little natures creatures like birds, insects, small baby animals and it is too loved by small children and all big humans. Don’t worry more if your garden area is quite small, small attracts much more and garden water features don’t require more space to attract the surroundings.


    Also, you need not stress over wastage of water either. The water expected to keep up a bit of grass is more noteworthy in contrast with water include which covers a similar surface region.

    Water Feature an Important Thing to Include in Your Garden


    A water feature includes a decent expansion to your outdoor garden. Most current scene plans have fused into them.

    Here are the best advantages of adding water features to your outdoor garden area:


    Water Features calms and revives the Mind


    The time spent in the area of a natural stream or any water source soothingly affects the psyche of your body. The explanation for this is, streaming water discharges negative particles. Research has demonstrated that negative particles assume a significant role in lessening stress. The sound of flowing water from your garden space has a quieting impact at the forefront of our thoughts, which realizes in a general improvement in our wellbeing. Consequently, it is a great idea to have a little stream of water or a little water area in your garden area. Introducing a water feature in your garden goes as a natural air purifier for humid air.


    Attracting Wildlife in the lust of nature


    The lust of nature attracts all species and living beings towards nature. The water feature attracts mini creatures and fauna. Wildlife creature thrives on the water for drinking and bathing. So the idea for adding water your garden is no less than adding colours to your garden area will add joy your daily routine watching them bathing and drinking water, you will observe all-new varieties of wildlife around the garden with its chirping and giggling.


    Improved air quality and reduction in noise pollution


    Air quality and noise pollution will improve with the water feature; it will release the cover while discharging a constant progression of negative particles nearby. Various specialists have discovered an association between negative particles and stress decrease. Russian researchers, for example, found that introduction to negative particles decreased obsessive indications of stress. Studies likewise propose that negative particle that can balance the wellbeing effects of air contamination.


    Adjustable to small spaces


    Numerous individuals consequently accept that they don't have space for a water feature in their outer space. There are certain experts to help you if you regarding your space issue to ensure that you can have a very much planned element that doesn't require a lot of room, so you can appreciate the regular element without taking up your whole backyard. Once in a while, some useless patches of your home area can change into lovely shrouded pearls in your garden area.


    Water feature powers up look and property values


    Outdoor water features in your garden can improve the outward presentation of your property; you can altogether improve its general worth. It improves the value of your house and it is important as the purchaser will go on looks on the first side. Thus power our property look by adding water features and drive your property value.


    Final Words


    So, are you ready to enjoy mitigating sounds and extraordinary perspectives? Converse with us about incorporating water features to include in your garden plan, So, let’s together plan to improve the look of your favourite garden spot, the first and most important thing you should do is buy garden jewellery and other decorative items.


    And another foremost important thing to need to take care of is you don't have to hire a professional garden designer to choose decorative items; you can just use your creative ideas or get some ideas through home improvement magazines and other websites. Feel free to contact us for the most ideal water feature to include for your financial limit and inclination. You can also visit the nearest garden centre or contact us for the best garden décor items.


  2. Put Up Unique and Beautiful Water Features For Your Outdoor Garden

    Have you ever considered adding some upgrades to your garden landscape? Adding new features, lights, sound, and texture will help you feel that your surroundings are natural. Landscape water elements are captivating, but they are more than that. An eye-catching and functional landscape comprises of several elements, which work together with harmony.

    If you are looking forward to adding some water features to your outdoor garden, to make it look realistic and natural, the well-known and highly reputed outdoor garden furniture company will provide you with good-quality features and water supplies.

    Benefits for upgrading your landscape

    Landscaping element that contributes to the overall beauty of the design is water. There are top companies who offer their best products for outdoor decoration and have modern water features namely raised garden pool, stainless steel, and many more.

    To add these features to your garden, they come with a set of benefits, which will make you get them immediately.

    1. Gives the curb appeal: A well-designed water furniture will give out a curb appeal to your residence. If you need the best and the most beautiful landscape in the entire neighborhood, add water furniture that has modern designs and looks unique. For water elements, there are different available for different homes. Contemporary homes will look good with clean water walls, waterfall spillways, laminar water jets, and flat concrete walls.

    Luxury residence will look good with designs, which has a resort-like setting at the backyard, with a pool and an artificial rock waterfall, cave, barbecue pit, grotto, and an outdoor kitchen. When there is a staycation installed, it is fun to go on a holiday without facing the hassle of jet lag and airports.

    2. Increases your home value: Homes featuring outdoor water features is known to have higher property value than those with fewer to no landscaping designs. This is considered very important when you are thinking of selling your home. Adding an aesthetically appealing and well-designed water furniture to your property, increase your residence value instantly and your home stands out as an attractive asset in the eyes of potential buyers. Therefore, this opportunity will give your residence a competitive property market. Outdoor water furniture, which is uniquely designed, operates in most of the seasons without facing the maintenance costs. The important factor you need to consider is, whether the materials, which are used in making the water features, can withstand cracking from the freeze-thaw action. This is very important for your residence, rust, rain, and freezing temperatures during the winters.

    3. Improves the air quality: The modern water features including, waterfall spillways, and cascading waterfalls help in improving the air quality and is superb for your health. Unlike negative ions, it will have stress-relieving effects, and mood-boosting effects on you and your pets. When you have falling water installed, it acts as a filter for animal hair, dust, and even collects pollen from the air. This feature is very much highly beneficial for those individuals, who are suffering from allergies or asthma. Just be careful to clean out the water occasionally.

    4. Drowns noise pollution: When you have outdoor water features, like a waterfall or a fountained installed, it completely wipes out the noise pollution in your surroundings. The noise machines that are installed within the water furniture, use ocean waves, the sounds of river noises, and falling of water, these carry a special meaning behind it. The sound of traffic and construction are locked away, with the help of the water noises, which are soothing and makes the surrounding peaceful.
    Are you tired of hearing your loud neighbour? Is your residence located not so far from a busy street? Moreover, do the passenger cars have loud music on, which can ruin your morning tea? Suppress those undesirable noises by adding a beautiful set of water furniture that has enough white noise to solve the issue. Additionally, you will be given, unlimited access to a surrounding, which has a peaceful outdoor facility.

    Get the best water element furniture from the well-known company

    Being the leading decorators and designers for water and garden features, the reputed, respected and highly recognized outdoor furniture company, is satisfying their customers with unique and beautiful features from all types of category. They have the best and perfect items and products, which will make your garden look modernized, with stylish looks.

  3. Outdoor Living UK at Grand Design Live Show 2014

    Outdoor Living UK at Grand Design Live Show 2014

    Grand Design Live Show 2014

    Here at Outdoor Living UK are proud to be exhibiting at the Grand Design Live at the London Excel .

    On display we will be running over 80 water features, we will have a wide range from stainless steel to traditional, in mains powered and solar!

    Our trained technical staff will be present every day to advise the right water feature for you, the cost and how to install your water feature.

    Our stand number is G1224, the show starts on 3rd May til 12th May, from 10 AM - 6 PM each day.

    We also have 8 tickets to give away on a first come, first serve basis.

  4. RHS Cardiff 2014!

    RHS Cardiff 2014!

    RHS Cardiff Show 2014

    This year we will be at the RHS Cardiff Show from the 11th - 13th April on stand A38.


    We will be showcasing our extensive range of water features including our new for 2014 line. We will also be selling our basket liners. To see our range of water features now click here.

    Our basket liners are manufactured from the same material as astro-turf, They retain 20% more water in the soil which promotes plant growth, the material is porous however so it allows for slow release drainage, this keeps all soil contents in the basket preventing patio or decking stains, on the reserve it has a artificial moss green aesthetically pleasing finish, this is also bird and squirrel resistant to prolong the liners life. This product is designed to be no bio degradable with a shelf life of 10 years.

    Make sure you come by and take advantage of our show prices!

    Hope to see you there.

    To find out more information about the RHS Cardiff Click Here

    Outdoor Living UK



  5. Solar Powered Water Features

    Solar Powered Water Features

    Solar Powered Water Features

    The Ideal Home is coming to an end this weekend and we have seen a growing interest from our customer who wanted our solar powered water feature.

    Our sales team have noticed when talking to customers; the amount of people that want a water feature but do not have access to an outdoor plug to power it, this makes customers concerned about the cost of having to have an outdoor power socket installed, they also worry about any health and safety issues that can be caused by having an outdoor power socket.

    Outdoor Living UK saw the growing demand for solar. We have therefore spent time researching and developing a range of solar products.

    As the UK's largest importer of solar water features, we feel that we have a water feature for everyone.

    Our solar water feature have censored lights that come on at night. The panels have a battery back up system that stores energy when you are not using your water feature, they also come with a mains facility so that you can charge your solar panel inside using a mains adapter.

    To see our range of Solar Powered Water Features - Click Here -

    If you haven't had a chance to see us at the Ideal Home Show - We will be at the Grand Design Show from the 3rd - 11th of May at stand G120.

    We hope to see you there, for more information about the Grand Design Show - Click Here -

  6. Ideal Home Show 2014


    The Ideal Home Show is now open for 2014!

    We are so excited to show our new products for 2014.

    We want to say a massive congratulations to our 5 winners who have won tickets to come to the Ideal Home Show, we are looking forward to seeing them at the show.

    We are at stand ID40 so come on down and say hello!

    Here is a few pictures of how the stand is looking:

    [caption id="attachment_426" align="alignnone" width="300"]Our Stand at the Ideal Home Show: Stand Number ID40 Our Stand at the Ideal Home Show: Stand Number ID40[/caption] [caption id="attachment_427" align="alignnone" width="300"]Our Stand at the Ideal Home Show: Stand Number ID40 Our Stand at the Ideal Home Show: Stand Number ID40[/caption]

  7. Ideal Home Show 2014

    Ideal Home Show 2014

    It's that time of year again when all the garden shows start again!

    The first one we have is the Ideal Home Show from the 14th-30th March, we will be showing off our brand new range for 2014!

    We will be at stand ID40 make sure you come and see us and take a look at what we have to offer at special show prices.

    To find out more information about the Ideal Home Show Click Here!

    Ideal Home Show!

  8. Ideal Home Show at Christmas

    Ideal Home Show at Christmas

    Come down to the Ideal Home Christmas Show Wednesday 13th November - Sunday 17th November, we will be there everyday so make sure you come and say hi! We will be at stand 1F69.

  9. Grand Designs Live

    Grand Designs Live

    Come down to the Grand Design Live this weekend at the NEC Birmingham! We are at stand B347, come take a look at all the water features we have to offer. It will be great to see some of you!

    If you have a minute check out our Facebook page and look the video we put up on there of our water features: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=200659720105510&set=vb.303097983142990&type=2&theater

  10. Grand Design Show

    Grand Design Show

    Come on down to the Grand Design Show this weekend and come and say to us and take a look at our great range of products!


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