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  1. Use the Energy of the Sun by Installing Solar Water Features for Your Outdoor Garden

    Solar energy is widely used across the whole globe. Solar power is a clean source where greenhouse gases are not released into the air when you use them to create electricity. Since the sun gives out a huge load of its solar energy, there are millions of solar plants and panels are installed for a healthy and clean future.

    However, do you know you use solar water feature in your outdoor or backyard garden and prevent the waste of electricity? The company that has come up with an incredible product have the finest quality solar water features available for you. Using solar energy for your water fountains will be your first step to create a healthy environment.

    Why use solar water features?

    If you consider yourself, a dedicated gardener, then using products that operates through solar power, will reward for you. The solar water feature is mostly placed where it can receive the direct rays of the sun.

    The source of their power is received through a small pump which directly gets is power from the PV cells that helps in transforming solar power to electrical power. The sounds of flowing water in your garden will give you the opportunity to feel more relaxed and improve the physical and mental state of your body. With the help of good-quality solar power water features, installed in your outdoor area it will provide you with several positive benefits. They are

    1. Improves the appearance of your outdoor area: Solar water features will give your outdoor garden a natural look. When you get to choose a water feature, it is better to choose one that fits according to the size of your backyard that will dictate the solar power. If you are looking for the superior functionality, place your fountain directly under the sun, or at a certain location where it looks good and directs the right amount of sunlight to work.

    2. No need for electricity: One of the best things, when using a solar powered water feature is that it requires no electricity. This will allow you to save a lot of energy and prevent the increase in the money for your bills. You just need to change the solar panel cord, and the maintenance services at a low level. This will allow you to save, a good sum of money and energy at the same time.

    3. Low in maintenance: As it is already mentioned, the maintenance services required for these solar water features are low. There is no need for you to work extra hard, in cleaning the whole water feature, as the electric motor collects more dust and dirt, which is necessary to clean out. You face a hard time when you think of taking care of your home and your backyard but when you have such a superb in-built feature, in your solar water fountain, makes allow you to worry less on one of the things.

    4. Attracts wildlife: When you love animals, it will give you the happiness and peace of mind to see, and hear the chirping of colorful birds, bathe and drink from your solar water fountain. Just like all other water features, the solar powered water feature fountains and waterfalls, enable you to notice them, stop by the fountain to quench their thirst on a hot summer day.

    5. Light environment effect: When you find a water feature, which is not functioning with the help of solar power, it will assure that is will increase your electric bill and release greenhouses gases. Having a good-quality solar water feature, prevents you from taking the help of electricity, and will enable you to become eco-friendly.

    Final note

    There are many companies in the industry, who will offer you their finest quality solar water features. However, joining hands with the reputed and well-recognized Outdoor Living UK company, will not only give you the chance to get the best solar water features of your type, but their professional and experienced staff members will install the water feature at your required location. The price of all the water features they are offering will fit according to your budget, with a 2-year warranty in their products and items. Your only job is to give them a call, and they will be right at your doorstep.

  2. Give Your Outdoor Garden the Best Solar Water Feature from the Leading Company

    If you beautify your yard with water fountains, you might get captured within the maze of unsightly extension cords. With the help of solar products in your garden, it will eliminate the nuisance for carefully choosing new water fountains. If you are looking to transform your garden filled solar energy, look up to the top outdoor solar decoration companies, where you will be offered different solar items of various shapes and sizes.

     Why use solar features for your garden?

    When you buy a top-quality solar water feature, you will get the most for your money. Obscure the solar items by placing them under an awning, heavy tree foliage, and in an area that is shaded will inhibit the functionality of the solar fountains. Once you purchase them, place them in big open spaces, where they will receive a high amount of solar energy. The dark and stormy day might affect the functionality of your solar items, but you are likely to spend your time outdoors in such weather.


    The solar water fountains have two types of pumping system, the first one is the version, which pumps water with the energy that is collected directly from the sunlight, and the second one is the version, which stores the solar energy and then uses it to power the pump.

    Types of solar fountains

    There are varieties of solar items and products available under affordable price, which will suit your budget. Some of the most popular and commonly installed products are:

    • Solar 2-tier water fountain.
    • Cascade water fountain of medium size.
    • Solar Bali wall water fountain.
    • Sphere water fountain.
    • Circular water fountain.
    • Cascade water fountain.

    All these solar powered water feature fountains, are available under the best company where the experts and professionals will perform the installation process, once you purchase their solar products. The solar fountains have solar panels known as PV cells or Photovoltaic cells. These cells get excited the moment it gets in contact with the sunlight, which initially calls them to action. The electrical charge turns heat into motion, which catapults the solar fountain into work mode.

    Benefits of placing a solar fountain

    The solar water feature comes with separate solar panels, which can be fitted several feet away from the fountain. The other fountains come with in-built solar fountain panels. They are lightweight, easy to move inside due to weather change, and contains additional AC adapter. These panels are the best type of solar fountains to buy. Here are some listed advantages you will receive if you have a solar fountain in your garden.

    1. Does not require electrical outlets.

    2. Carries the ability to set up fountains anywhere in the yard, not just close to the house.

    3. Solar fountains are green inside and do not need the use of electricity.

    4. They are extremely user-friendly.

    5. The fountains are virtually maintenance free.

    6. It does not carry the presence of noise, fuel or emissions.

    The geographical areas are the best where you find the solar powered water feature work their best. This means they work in locations where there is a great deal to receive the rays from the sun directly and little chance of freezing during winter seasons. However, if you think about risk of freezing during the cold season, you just need to simply disconnect the pump to prevent further damage.

    Decorate your water features with lights

    To add polish to your solar feature is by submerging the water safe solar spotlights in your fountains, pools, and ponds. There are models, which include a lithium-ion battery that lasts for hours even after the solar charge is gone, and just like the solar pump, they too run on energy from the sunlight.

    You can also use the solar-powered downlights option. When trees surround them, they will display a beautiful moonlight effect, to the peaceful pools and trickling waterfalls.

    Final note

    when you make a decision of adding that quintessential solar touch to your garden, it is important for you to choose the right company. For such solar products, the well-known and reputed outdoor garden decorating company will offer you their superior quality solar water fountains and numerous other features, under a cost-effective budget. Give your garden a makeover by beautifying it with solar products today!


  3. RHS Malvern Festival 'springs' into action in a week!

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    Our team will be exhibiting at the RHS Malvern Spring Festival from the 5th - 8th May. It's a great opportunity for our customers to come down and see our array of water features and meet the team!

    Based at the Three Counties Showground in Malvern, Worcestershire and framed by the picturesque Malvern Hills, the RHS Malvern Spring Festival is the perfect opportunity to prepare for the upcoming gardening season. Enjoy a walk around the show gardens, gather inspiration from exhibitors in the Floral Marquee and get hints and tips from a range of talks and demonstrations at this fantastic early season show.

    RHS Malvern Spring Festival has been held at the Three Counties Showground since it began in 1985. One of the first major shows of the year, the festival opens the door into the summer season and its setting provides the perfect backdrop to a plethora of plants and gardens.

    Tickets are available from the RHS website, just click HERE and are very reasonable priced! The team look forward to seeing you there!


  4. RHS Flower Show Cardiff a 'blooming' success!

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    Our team has returned triumphant from the RHS Flower Show Cardiff! Not only was the weather glorious, and the crowds plentiful, but also our stand won a RHS 3 Star Award!

    The RHS 3 Star Award is the highest accolade that a trade stand can be awarded at an RHS show and it denotes that our display was of an exceptionally high quality; our stand was the only water feature display to receive an award. So we are exceptionally proud of our event team for all of their hard work across the weekend.

    We have a fabulous selection of images and videos from the weekend, including some slow-motion videos that really display the flow from our water features.

    Now the season is in full-swing our exhibition team will be displaying at numerous shows across country, if you would like to see our products working then please follow this link to find out which shows we will be attending or if you already have tickets to any of the shows, then please pop down and say ‘Hi’ to the team!



  5. Tips on selecting and maintaining a water feature

    Water features and ponds are a great addition to your garden. Imagine, the gentle sound of trickling water, sunlight reflecting off a glassy pool… A water feature can add interest to your garden and enhance its relaxing atmosphere. A water feature is a great addition to a sensory garden, as they are known to have holistic effects for people with autism, mental health issues and the elderly. If you are thinking of adding a feature here are some ideas to help you decide what to buy and tips for installing your fountain or pond.

    water feature


    Which water feature is best for you…

    Modern water features are many and varied so it helps to know what you're looking for before heading to the garden centre. If you are keen to invite wildlife into the garden, a pond may be the best option. However, ponds aren't suitable for everyone and those with young children may be better suited by a waterfall or fountain-type arrangement.

    Firstly, know your location! How much room do you have? Your water feature will need to be placed on a flat level surface, and you may want to add life to the surrounding area, with plants or containers; also your water feature may have a reservoir that will either need to be dug into the ground or decorated around.  Most water features and ponds are prefabricated, so you’ll need to know what space you have available. Do you have an outside power supply? If not then you’ll need a solar powered pump and an area that gets enough sunlight.  The style of the water feature is also important, is your garden in a traditional style or is it hard landscaped? Although taste and style is subjective, you don’t want something that will look out of place, so think about the material and style of your water feature before purchasing.

    Be budget conscious…

    By accounting for the cost of the water feature and the installation of the project, you will be certain that it fits well within your budget. Even if you're on a limited budget, there are going to be options that are available which will allow you to include such a feature to enjoy in your own garden area. Outdoor Living UK has a large selection of water features to beautify and enhance any garden or patio. Pumps, nozzles, hoses, lighting and other accessories are also available along with spare parts. Indoor water elements can be designed for conservatories and other rooms.

    Safety first…

    If you have children or if children tend to frequent the area, you would not want to have a dangerous location because of the water feature. In some areas, it may be necessary for you to block entrance to the water feature with a fence, depending upon the options that you choose. There is no doubt that your children are going to love the water feature as well. Just make sure that it is of benefit to the entire family and supervise it properly to reduce the risks that could be associated with it. Raised ponds can help with this, as it’s harder for a child to trip and fall into it.


    Maintaining your water feature…

    Once your water feature is in place you will need to maintain it to get the best out of it all year round. One of the most important tasks it to keep your water feature free from debris and leaves as this clog up the pump and stop it from working.

    To clean the pump during the year is to use a garden hose placed against the outlet of your fountain to 'back flush' clean water through the pump. If this fails to improve the flow a more complete cleaning should be undertaken, simply remove the cover at the outlet end of the pump then pull out the rotor. With warm soapy water clean out the housing and rotor, flush with clean water, (Note the bearing pin in the centre of the hole, be careful not to damage it when cleaning) replace the rotor onto the centre bearing pin and slide back into the slot, the rotor should turn easily with just a slight resistance from the magnets. Replace the end cover and that's it.

    Keeping the water clean is also very important. You can buy sterilising tablets to keep the water free from harmful bacteria, fungi and the build-up of algae. When your water feature is not in use it, especially in the autumn and winter months, a water feature cover can cut down the maintenance

  6. Instructions to your Solar Powered Pump

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    Please find below links to comprehensive instructions for our Solar Powered Pump.

    Instructions 200 LPH P003B

    Instructions 250 LPH P003CR

    Instructions 800 LPH P009CR

    Instructions 400 LPH P009A

    If you have any queries please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service Desk on 01733 688464.

  7. Instructions for your Water Feature

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    From time to time we all wonder what happened to those instructions! We've all been there, you bought something, haven't used it for a while and then when you want use it and can't quite remember where you put the all important instructions!

    If you're getting your water feature out after storing it for the winter or it's new and you've simply misplaced the instructions in the excitement of unpacking, don't worry we're here to help!

    The process of setting up your water feature is very simply, just follow the steps below...

    1. Tighten any visible screws.
    2. Place the water feature on a level surface.
    3. If you have a plastic sump (reservoir), we recommend digging a hole to bury the sump or you can decorate around to hide the plastic.
    4. Connect the hose from the water feature to the pump.
    5. Fill the water feature with water, ensuring that the pump is fully submerged.
    6. If solar powered, place the solar panel in the best position to get the best sunlight and refer to the specific solar panel instructions (our solar powered pump instructions can be found HERE).
    7. Finally, connect to the mains power supply ensuring that the plug is in a suitable weatherproof outdoor socket if not indoors (does not apply if solar powered).

    These instruction should be everything that you need to get your water feature running ready for Summer, but if you have any issues then do not hesitate to call our Customer Service Desk on 01733 688464.

  8. #SBS Winners!!!

    #SBS Winners!!!

    sbs logo

    Everyone at Outdoorliving UK is so excited to announce that we have won Theo Paphitis’ Small Business Sunday #SBS!

    Small Business Sunday, shortened to the hashtag #SBS on Twitter, was created by Theo Paphitis in October 2010. It’s a great opportunity for small businesses across the UK to promote their business. Each week Theo invites businesses to tweet him between 5:30-7pm using the hastag #SBS and tagging Theo; Each week he picks six winners to retweet and promote their business to his 500,000 followers!

    Winners also get to part of the exclusive SBS club, which includes having a directory page on the SBS website, weekly business development sessions with other winners and invitations for SBS events attended by Theo himself!

    This honour really couldn’t have come at a better time, as the Outdoorliving UK team gears up for our busy season. The sales team, headed up by our Managing Director Mike, will be heading off to the Ideal Home Show on 18th March to 3rd April.

    We are also launching a revolutionary product to the water feature market, following years of research and development we are proud to offer a very reliable range or solar panels and pumps for our water features. We also have incorporated a back-up device, this enables the water pump to shut off after 3 hours, and this will help prevent the pump from burning out if the reservoir is low on water. We supply our solar water features with 5 metres of cable to you can place your solar panel away from your water feature and position this in the area which gets the best sunlight. The best bit about these pumps is that they fit ANY water feature, so you can buy one when you’re purchasing your water feature or retrofit the kit to a water feature you already have!

    If you would like to join us in this really exciting time, our competition to win one of five sets of tickets to the Ideal Home Show starts on Twitter and Facebook on Friday 4th March.

    You can find us at:



  9. The Ideal Home Show 2016

    Ideal Home

    This year will be Outdoor Living UK’s 16th year exhibiting at The Ideal Home Show and preparations are well under way to make this our best year yet! We love coming to the show as the atmosphere is so great and there are so many opportunities to see innovative products before they get to market!

    The Ideal Home Show started in 1908 and has seen every advancement in household technology and change in trends over the last 100 years. Inspired by this pioneer spirit Outdoorliving UK will be debuting our Solar Pump Kits.

    Following years of research and development we are proud to offer a very reliable range or solar panels and pumps for our water features. We also have incorporated a back-up device, this enables the water pump to shut off after 3 hours, and this will help prevent the pump from burning out if the reservoir is low on water. We supply our solar water features with 5 metres of cable to you can place your solar panel away from your water feature and position this in the area which gets the best sunlight. The best bit about these pumps is that they fit ANY water feature, so you can buy one when you’re purchasing your water feature or retrofit the kit to a water feature you already have!

    In the run up to the show will be giving away five pairs of via our social media channels, so keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter, to be in with a chance to win!

  10. Tips to protect your water feature in the Winter

    Tips to protect your water feature in the Winter

    Whether your water feature is large or small, traditional or stainless steel, it will still need TLC throughout the year to keep it working at its best. This is especially important in the winter, as freezing temperatures can be a problem if you’re not prepared. If the water in the fountain bowls is allowed to freeze, it expands causing damage to the pump and fountain bowl.

    At OutdoorLivingUK we want your water feature to have a long life, so here are some tips to keep it protected…


    Your water feature should be cleaned periodically. Leaves, twigs and blossoms should also be removed from the fountain. Solar panels and lighting should be checked for cracks on a regular basis. The beginning of winter is a great time to do this.

    The UK usually has a mild enough climate that all our garden fountains can be left running virtually all year round. Even as the frosty mornings arrive the movement of the water and the slight warmth generated by the pump will keep your fountain free from ice.

    We recommend purchasing a Frost Proof Winter Kit, this includes sterilisation tablets for cleaning and Fountain Frost Proof to stop the water from freezing.

    If you’re not planning on using your water feature during the winter we advise that you drain all the bowls out and pour the water out from the main reservoir inside the fountain. (A tip here if you are struggling to get all the water out, place a towel inside the back and this will soak up excess water).

    Once drained apply a Winter Protection Cover for total protection and prolong the life of the paint finish, drain the fountain, cover and store indoors.

    The pump should be removed from the fountain and stored in a dry area.

    This advice should keep your water feature in tip-top condition, but if you have any queries give us a call on 01733 688464.

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