Water Features

  1. Benefits of installing Water Feature for your Garden

    Water soothes our body, mind, and soul, and so does a water feature to our home and garden. Installing a water feature for your garden or apartment can be far more beneficial than you thought. As we live our hustle-bustle lives, water is the only resource which calms and refreshes our minds. Water features can help you to distress your anxiety, workload, and can help you to lost into nature.

    Many people believe that the most beneficial function that a water fountain delivers is that relaxing effect that is created by the flowing sound of water. It offers a feeling of relief from stress, anxiety, and provide an overall sensual pleasure. The flowing water produces negative ions which are essential for humans to find solace in this hectic world.

    Garden Water Feature

    You can find varieties of water features including garden water feature, indoor water feature, and the latest solar water feature. Solar water features are the most cost-effective way of owning a piece. It not only cut off your power bill but also contributes to the betterment of the environment. You can get free electricity powered by the sun.

    How do water features work?

    In general, a water feature has only two components, namely a water structure and an electric motor. But for installing a solar water feature, you need to install a solar panel for generating electricity. The solar panels absorb the sun rays and transfer them into operational electricity. Depending on the landscaping and water fountain’s design, it powers up the fountain during the day and stores the electricity during the night.

    Installing water features

    Installing a water feature is simple. The thing you are going to need is the best place for putting the water structure. Simply plug-in the electric motor for installing the feature. Garden water feature needs professional help for designing and implementing creative tactics for fixing it.

    Solar Water features

    When it comes to solar water features, the main thing that you need is a sunny location. It might be your deck or your garden. You should install the solar panels far away from the stuff that may block the sunlight. Most of the garden water features supplier provides full assembly, so you don’t have to worry about the installation, electric lines, and wires. The assembly electrician will do the job.

    Some solar-powered fountains have solar panels attached to a ten to twelve-foot cable. The longer cable will provide more options to position the solar panel in a bright and sunny area. Besides, you can also place the water feature itself in the sun.

    Rising demand for solar water features

    Solar water features are getting immense popularity these days. They are quite portable, versatile in design and come in different sizes. As there are so many options, you can quickly get a solar fountain that fits in your budget. They are also the ideal gift to your family and friends.

    They add style and tranquillity to your garden or patio. They are very cost-effective and have no impact on your monthly electricity bill. You can place them on any firm surface within reach of direct sunlight. You can find various models, designs, wall-mounted, and a tabletop that you can place anywhere and décor your garden with your distinct personality, and sense of style.

    Water features

    Tips for selecting the best water features

    Many water features can be used around the year, and if you want to make it run smoothly and adequately, then you should follow these tips:

    • It is ideal to choose an indoor fountain. The indoor water features are generally protected by the harsh outside environment and will work correctly in any season.
    • If you are concerned about the space of fountain, then you should know there are varieties of fountains available in the market. You will find plenty of smaller features and even tabletop water features to choose from that takes up very little space.
    • If you are selecting the garden water features, then you should choose the best which offers durable outdoor plug and socket. The plug and device should be weatherproof for any mains-powered outdoor water features. Otherwise, it may not be safe to operate. If you are not sure, then you can always check with a qualified electrician.
    • For solar water features, you should know their efficiency and performance during winter. Their performance will gradually decrease in November and December when there are only fewer hours of sunlight. So, you need to store enough electricity to operate them around the year.
    • To make your fountain even more appealing, you can consider lighting elements. This will offer you an extended period of enjoyment. No matter it is indoor or outdoor, you can enjoy the multi-coloured lights which will brighten up the entire atmosphere. They are also ideal for celebrating festivities.

    Final Note

    Water features are a great way to add character to your home and garden. While solar water features save up electricity costs, indoor water features come up with versatile varieties. You can glam up your outdoor fountain with LED lights to enhance the entire atmosphere. They are a good investment as they will provide a prolonged, relaxed, and peaceful life.

  2. Give Your Outdoor Area a Makeover by Installing Good Quality Cheap Water Features

    Do you feel that your backyard looks a little empty? On the other hand, does it make your home look like not the dream home you ever wanted? When installing or adding some decorations, will give your outdoor location a reason to visit almost every time of the day. Adding decorations is not all about planting flowers, when you add a quality water feature it will enhance the beauty and surrounds of your outdoor landscape.

    However, researches have proved that adding good quality outdoor water features will enhance the appearance of your landscape location. To get the best out of your money, look up to the leading and well-known water feature decoration company, which will enable you to choose from their finest-quality water features with a range of unique designs and sizes.

    Reasons to add a water feature

    There is a good set of scientific explanation, for why the addition of water features in your outdoor space will shower you with many benefits. When you get to install water falling features like fountains, showers, and waterfalls, it will allow you to feel relieved and stress-free from your daily activities. Water is an element, which carries healing properties that soothes the brain, improves the mental and physical health, and lowers the blood pressure. If you look up to the outdoor water features from a reputed company, it will fill you with several advantages, and they are

    1. Reduces noise pollution:
    This is one of the biggest advantages, which you will come to meet when you install a water feature. Since there are many types of water features available, and one of the most common is the waterfall. They come in small-sizes and transform your outdoor area, into a completely different surrounding. If you are looking for affordable and cheap water features, the company you are experts in dealing with such products will give you their best quality available. The waterfalls gradually reduce the noise originating from your surroundings, by absorbing the sound through the flowing water. Therefore, the waterfall not only vanishes the unwanted noises but also in return produces its own sounds, which is very calming and soothing for your mind.

    2. Allows you to spend quality time with family:
    Water is an element that not only holds healing properties but also enables to grab your attention for a long period. As it is a vital element of every individual's life, you will get attracted towards it, and get to spend a lot of time around it. When you install a water feature in your backyard, it will give you and your family the opportunity to spend time together. Water features are very much commonly used in hotels and resorts, to attract customers into their premises. When you incorporate such an addition to your backyard, will increase the meetings and get together with your family members instantly.

    3. Conserves the environment:
    When you install good quality cheap water features, it will allow you to give your backyard a makeover. However, it also carries other benefits. With the rise of today’s issues on climatic changes, it is important to install at least one or two water features in your landscape. The negative ions, which are being vented from the flowing water, will attract the dust particles that will lead to the purification of the air. The will lead to the process of evaporation of water vapour, which will filter the air and help in preventing pollution. A water feature can reduce the environmental temperature by 20-25 F.

    4. Increase the value of your home:
    Whether it is a vintage or modern water features, they will increase the resale value of your residence, when you have one installed in your outdoor area. When you maintain and take good care of your backyard garden, it will enhance its appearance and immediately raise the selling price of your home. By hiring the professionals from a good company, will allow you to receive proper maintenance services. The modern water features are designed and created, with unique features, which will give your outdoor garden a sophisticated look.

    Look up to the best company
    If you ever think of installing a water feature for your backyard garden, then buying the products from the Outdoor Living UK company will be the right choice for you. The company and its team of experts have years of experience in supplying water features and are known for their fast delivery, secure payments options, affordable prices, and 2-years of warranty on all their products.

  3. Put Up Unique and Beautiful Water Features For Your Outdoor Garden

    Have you ever considered adding some upgrades to your garden landscape? Adding new features, lights, sound, and texture will help you feel that your surroundings are natural. Landscape water elements are captivating, but they are more than that. An eye-catching and functional landscape comprises of several elements, which work together with harmony.

    If you are looking forward to adding some water features to your outdoor garden, to make it look realistic and natural, the well-known and highly reputed outdoor garden furniture company will provide you with good-quality features and water supplies.

    Benefits for upgrading your landscape

    Landscaping element that contributes to the overall beauty of the design is water. There are top companies who offer their best products for outdoor decoration and have modern water features namely raised garden pool, stainless steel, and many more.

    To add these features to your garden, they come with a set of benefits, which will make you get them immediately.

    1. Gives the curb appeal: A well-designed water furniture will give out a curb appeal to your residence. If you need the best and the most beautiful landscape in the entire neighborhood, add water furniture that has modern designs and looks unique. For water elements, there are different available for different homes. Contemporary homes will look good with clean water walls, waterfall spillways, laminar water jets, and flat concrete walls.

    Luxury residence will look good with designs, which has a resort-like setting at the backyard, with a pool and an artificial rock waterfall, cave, barbecue pit, grotto, and an outdoor kitchen. When there is a staycation installed, it is fun to go on a holiday without facing the hassle of jet lag and airports.

    2. Increases your home value: Homes featuring outdoor water features is known to have higher property value than those with fewer to no landscaping designs. This is considered very important when you are thinking of selling your home. Adding an aesthetically appealing and well-designed water furniture to your property, increase your residence value instantly and your home stands out as an attractive asset in the eyes of potential buyers. Therefore, this opportunity will give your residence a competitive property market. Outdoor water furniture, which is uniquely designed, operates in most of the seasons without facing the maintenance costs. The important factor you need to consider is, whether the materials, which are used in making the water features, can withstand cracking from the freeze-thaw action. This is very important for your residence, rust, rain, and freezing temperatures during the winters.

    3. Improves the air quality: The modern water features including, waterfall spillways, and cascading waterfalls help in improving the air quality and is superb for your health. Unlike negative ions, it will have stress-relieving effects, and mood-boosting effects on you and your pets. When you have falling water installed, it acts as a filter for animal hair, dust, and even collects pollen from the air. This feature is very much highly beneficial for those individuals, who are suffering from allergies or asthma. Just be careful to clean out the water occasionally.

    4. Drowns noise pollution: When you have outdoor water features, like a waterfall or a fountained installed, it completely wipes out the noise pollution in your surroundings. The noise machines that are installed within the water furniture, use ocean waves, the sounds of river noises, and falling of water, these carry a special meaning behind it. The sound of traffic and construction are locked away, with the help of the water noises, which are soothing and makes the surrounding peaceful.
    Are you tired of hearing your loud neighbour? Is your residence located not so far from a busy street? Moreover, do the passenger cars have loud music on, which can ruin your morning tea? Suppress those undesirable noises by adding a beautiful set of water furniture that has enough white noise to solve the issue. Additionally, you will be given, unlimited access to a surrounding, which has a peaceful outdoor facility.

    Get the best water element furniture from the well-known company

    Being the leading decorators and designers for water and garden features, the reputed, respected and highly recognized outdoor furniture company, is satisfying their customers with unique and beautiful features from all types of category. They have the best and perfect items and products, which will make your garden look modernized, with stylish looks.

  4. Prepare Your Lawn with Amazing Garden Water Features


    Garden water feature, solar water features


    If you have a big garden in front of your house then you might think about beautifying it. Though it is a very natural outlook you have to prepare your garden for the summer but the work is impetuous and midway you will get bored. Adorning your lawn can be a difficult task if you do not know about service provider offering attractive garden features. When the aim is to make your garden the most beautiful one among the neighbourhood and also own a tidy property, the best service provider is the best suggestion for you.

    A well-maintained turf

    The first important thing you need to change is tidying your property. An area with healthy and fresh grasses along with few plants is a sign of well maintained residential.  Your garden portion is the outer part of your residence and just like you takes care of your floors and kitchen tiles; it is your duty to keep the outside natural too. When your lawn stands out in the locality and you can breathe fresh air there, then it is something to be proud of. If you have kids it is all the more better as they can run round and play inside the property. Contact the leading service provider online offering Garden Water Features to host best summer parties and live in a healthy atmosphere. During social parties you can utilise the lawn with great features. Along with garden water you can also apply the lighting's for better view. Small waterfall features in the corner is always beautiful to look at.

    Solar power is the key

    It is common among nature lovers to own a garden and accessorise it with unique features. When you are thinking of adding some excellent and sustainable specification in your property then solar water system is one of the best investments you can have. The concept of solar power is going very popular and fresh idea in today’s world. Though the idea was in the mind but the recent utilisation has changed the face of energy saving. Solar panels are running in high demand in the market and with the help of free sunlight which is continuous, you can change the resource into electricity and use instead of other non-reusable energy sources like fossil fuels. Since the solar power is renewable it is always better to install solar power related garden feature in your residence.

    Installing solar water system

    Similar to solar panels, there are solar cells which can capture sunlight and is a smaller version. Engross your garden with items like solar fountains and solar wheels which uses sun’s rays to operate. Among many online service provider offering the resource and Solar Water Features choose the best one that has the latest technology in use. The miniature version for solar panel absorbs sunlight with the recently developed technology and can convert it inside your garden feature to develop electricity and power. You can sue the power for any related functions. The electrical circuit is necessary for your feature to function. The reputed service provider guides you to use the resource and installs the system successfully directing towards sunlight.

    Benefit of choosing the best

    Common technology can bring options to make your garden attractive and productive, both at the same time. Solar features include options such as pumps and backup batteries which are needed for the constant electrical power. When there is a shade or sunlight is less adequate than ordinary days, your system might fail to work. But the right solar water technology can make the system flexible and adaptable to low lights. Whatever the weather is, you are not going to get disappointed with your water feature.

    Adding aesthetic value

    If your property is exposed to a great amount of sunlight then it should be in good use. They provide a more artistic area in your garden where you can spend time attributing your own marvellous work. With a great battery backup the system will work in both summer and winter, even when the sun is not at its brightest. Whether a miniature waterfall or the charisma of solar cells, your garden is a lot healthier and sustainable than before. Enhance the experience and give a new look to your garden with the best service provider.


  5. Solar Water Features

    Solar Water Features

    Solar Water Features - A Guide

    In every garden, people ponder the best way to make their space stand out. It’s a common desire to want something special and unique, and to that end, people invest in all kinds of different accessories for their garden. One prominent example of a popular garden decoration is the myriad of solar water features which are available. However, not everyone knows about solar water features, what they are and what they can do. With that in mind, we’re going to be taking a look at solar water features, and how they work.

    What Is Solar Power?

    First of all, let’s make sure that everyone knows what we mean by ‘solar’. Solar power is a concept which has been around for the past century but has only really come into popularity in recent times. The idea is that we can use sunlight, a free and sometimes constant resource, to create electricity and use it in place of things like fossil fuels. It’s a clean and renewable energy source and is gathered by solar panels.

    So How Does A Solar Water Feature Work?

    With things like solar fountains or wheels being operated by sunlight, the solar water feature uses a smaller version of a solar panel, referred to as a solar cell. The technology soaks up the sunlight and converts it inside the feature to create electricity, which in turn generates the function of whatever it is that you’re trying to power. The miniature panel on your device will absorb the sunlight, and use it to complete an electrical circuit. Without this light, the circuit won’t complete, and the feature will not work.

    Things To Consider

    The benefit of a solar water feature is that it’s now fairly common technology, which brings with it a wealth of different options for how you use the device. Some solar features have pumps; some have backup batteries in case there’s not a lot of sunlight. This helps to make a solar water feature a much more adaptable and flexible system and means that regardless of weather you can enjoy its benefits. However, you need to make sure you choose the right kind of solar water feature for your system. A solar water system without a battery backup will not work at all in the shade, so you need to be cautious when installing one.

    Overall, the solar water features are a good choice for any home which sees a lot of sunlight. They help to provide a more dynamic garden and are firm favourites with a lot of people because of this. The solar water system is often used in sunny areas, but with a battery backup, it can see use in any conditions. If you’re using a solar water feature, then it’s well worth looking into all of the extra features, because they will improve your experience even more. Things like a pump or a movable solar panel are great because they enhance your experience and give you a new level of control over your solar water features.

  6. Water Features

    Water Features

    Water Features - The Benefits Of Having Them In Your Garden

    Water features have become a big part of a lot of gardens. They look really good when they’re active, and they’re a fantastic accessory for your garden. However, there are also some benefits to having outdoor water features that people don’t know about. We’re going to be looking at some of the key advantages that water features will bring, so you know exactly why they’re such a good idea.

    Health Benefits

    Surprisingly enough, having a set of outdoor water features can provide some positive health benefits. There’s a wealth of studies on the internet which suggest that having water noises and features in your garden provides you with a therapeutic environment. For example, a miniature waterfall has been linked to a decrease in anxiety and stress, providing a soothing noise which allows people the chance just to calm down and relax. The same logic can be applied to a small brook or stream.

    They Looks Nice

    Obviously, one of the main advantages of having a set of water features in your garden is that you’ve got something that looks great. We all want our gardens to look their best whenever we come out and spend time with them, and a water feature aids with that in a big way. You’ll notice quite quickly that your garden looks nicer, and feels a lot more lively. The thing about water features is that they provide you with something new to look at, and this can help when you’ve been dealing with the same design for years. Your guests will also notice how the water features brighten up the garden too, which makes social events more of a joy.

    Property Value Increase

    One thing which you will notice about having water features in your garden is that they will add to the value of your property when it comes to selling up and moving on. As a general rule, any work that you do to a property is a long-term investment, because it will stand the test of time. A home with a waterfall or a pond will be valued at a higher price than one without, and it also helps when you’re trying to put across a good first impression to potential buyers. It is true that the interior design of your property is important. However, when buyers are walking up the pathway to your home, they’re going to take notice of the outside too.

    Overall, these are just a few of the benefits which will be afforded to people who take the time to install water features in their homes. Water features are known to be great investments, but also provide other benefits such as a therapeutic atmosphere and an improved aesthetic value. These are both things which are highly sought after and mean that people can have a place to go where there’s no stress and anxiety. Plus, you’ll also find that when it comes to social events, it’s common for people to be impressed with the kinds of water features you have on offer.

  7. Choosing A Garden Water Feature

    Choosing A Garden Water Feature

    There are various factors to consider when looking to purchase a garden water feature. Cost is of course one of the most important factors. Your budget is often something which can't be compromised upon. Fortunately with such an extensive range we believe we will have the perfect water feature for your garden. This is whether you have a large or small budget to spend.

    Aside from your budget it is also important to consider the ongoing cost of running your water feature. With constant developments in efficient and reliable solar powered features, running costs can be kept to a minimum. In many cases they can be removed entirely. With modern manufacturing methods and strong materials maintenance costs can also often be kept extremely low.

    Outdoor Water Feature

    So you know your budget and the potential costs or lack of required to run and maintain a feature. The next step is to look at your garden and more specifically where your sparkly new water feature will be installed. If you own a beautiful countryside cottage with traditional external features or furniture, a stainless steel water blade or ball will stand out like a sore thumb.

    We speak to customers with traditional gardens on a daily basis. Their aim is often to purchase a water feature which will look like it has been there for as long as their home. With such an extensive range of traditional, ornate features, this is something which is easily possible. What's more, a diverse range of materials offers traditional looks but with modern day strength and durability.

    This combination means that rather than having to compromise, you truly can have the very best of both worlds. Not just a feature which looks like it belongs in your garden, but one which will remain that way for years to come.

    Alternatively you might have a newly landscaped garden with modern furniture, sharp edges, outdoor heating and a large decked or patio area. With such a contemporary outdoor living space, an ornate fountain or pond is not going to fit your desired look. This is where our modern water features are the ideal choice. We're sure you have seen stainless steel sphere water features, but what about stainless steel blades which can be integrated into a wall and provide a constant tranquil flow of running water?

  8. RHS Flower Show Tatton Park 20 – 24 July

    rhs logo vector

    The team will be showing our wonderful display of water features at the RHS Flower Show in Tatton Park in less than a week's time!

    At the height of summer, RHS Flower Show Tatton Park offers plenty of family fun and a great day out surrounded by the lastest ideas to get your creativity flowing.

    In 2016 there will be grand and spectacular show gardens including the latest in contemporary design from the new Evolution Garden category, where three designers will each interpret the theme with a conceptual or futuristic design. The Water Garden category makes a welcome return, with plenty of ideas to take home. Plus for those with smaller gardens, the 6m x 4m (19½ft x 13ft) Back to Back Garden category will give you ideas and show you exciting ways to make a garden in the smallest of spaces.

    Join us for the new Family Day event on Saturday 23 July coinciding with the launch of the big screen adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The BFG. The Big Friendly Giant will come to life in the form of a fabulous show garden.

    Tickets are still available just click HERE to get yours!

  9. The Garden Show in Summer at Stansted 10th - 12th June 2016


    The Garden Show Stansted is the  perfect event to find all you need for your garden and home! Our exhibition team will be at the show displaying our fantastic array of water features and would love it if you popped down and said 'hi'!

    The show is a great opportunity to explore what’s on around Stansted. Browse affordable and hand picked stands. With specialist plants, garden accessories, sculpture, art and fabulous food.

    You can pick up top tips from horticultural experts to solve those frustrating gardening problems, meet the Garden Team and enjoy learning from ongoing cooking and craft demonstrations. Plenty to engage your children too…get crafting and learn new garden skills together; watch them play in the beautiful parklands and have fun.

    We hope to see you there!

  10. Kent Garden Show 28th, 29th & 30th May

    The Outdoorliving UK team will be exhibiting our fantastic array of water features at the Kent Garden Show in a week's time.

    The Kent Garden Show features over 300 exhibitors with a wide variety of goods on display and for sale. The features of the show include the floral marquees with their stunning floral displays including medal winners from Chelsea. The garden exhibitors have all manner of gardening goods for sale and include over sixty nurseries. There is a craft pavilion, food hall, brass band and children's rides.

    As well as the numerous nurseries in attendance there will be exhibitors selling garden furniture, water features (which is where you'll find us!), garden sheds and buildings, tools, sculptures, and much more.

    Tickets are still available just click HERE to grab yours!

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